Command Line Tool Reference
Amazon EC2
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The Amazon EC2 command line tools provide a command line interface to the web service API. This
section describes each tool and its command line arguments in detail.
Command line options and arguments are based on the GNU getopt conventions. Optional parameters
are indicated by means of flags. Flags typically come in a short and long form, although not all flags
exist in both forms. In their short form, flags are a single character prefixed with a single dash. In their
long form, flags use a longer, more expressive name prefixed with a double dash. Optional parameters
typically have default values, or may be required only when other optional parameters are specified, and
order is unimportant. For all remaining parameters order does matter.
A number of command line options apply to all of the command line tools. These are covered below
and, for reasons of brevity, are not included in the description of each of the specific tools.
Amazon EC2
Developer Guide
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