WSDL and Schema Definitions
The Amazon EC2 web service can be accessed using the SOAP web services messaging protocol. This
interface is described by a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document which defines the
operations and security model for the service. The WSDL references an XML Schema document which
strictly defines the datatypes that may appear in SOAP requests and responses. For more information on
WSDL and SOAP, please see the references in the section called “Additional Web Services
References” .
All schemas have a version number. The version number appears in the URL of a schema file, and in a
schema's target namespace. The latest version is 2006-06-26. Upgrading is made easy by differentiating
requests based on the version number. In addition to the latest version, the service will support the older
versions for some time. Once customer transition to the new version is complete, the older versions will
be retired.
The Amazon EC2 services API WSDL can be found at URLs of the form
'' where VERSION indicates the version of the API.
The current API version is 2006-06-26 and can thus be found at URL
Amazon EC2
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Making Requests
The Amazon EC2 web service complies with the current WS-Security standard, requiring SOAP request
messages to be hashed and signed for integrity and non-repudiation. WS-Security defines profiles which
are used to implement various levels of security. Amazon EC2 secure SOAP messages use
BinarySecurityToken profile, consisting of an X.509 certificate with an RSA public key.
Amazon EC2
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