Welcome to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Developers Guide.
This guide picks up where the Getting Started Guide ends and will provide you with the information
necessary for creating more sophisticated AMIs, using advanced service features, and writing
applications using Amazon EC2. This guide assumes you have worked through the Getting Started
Guide, installed the command line and API tools as described, and have a general understanding of the
The chapters presented in the guide are as follows :
Creating and Bundling AMIs walks you through the steps required to create the customized package
of software that will execute on your host - essentially packaging your desired Operating System
Securing the Network provides an overview of the distributed firewall and usage examples.
Using Instances provides an overview of the Amazon EC2 instances and some tips for using them
Command Line Tool Reference provides a comprehensive reference to the command line tools
supplied by Amazon EC2.
Using the SOAP API explains how to use the WS-SOAP interface to Amazon EC2.
API Reference provides a comprehensive reference to the web services (SOAP) API exposed by
Amazon EC2.
Technical FAQ is a collection of interesting and commonly asked questions.
Amazon EC2
Developer Guide
Creating and Bundling AMIs
Amazon EC2 allows you to set up and configure everything about your instances from your operating
system up to your applications. An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is simply a packaged-up copy of
your root file system. An AMI contains all the necessary bits to set up and boot an Amazon EC2
instance. Your AMIs are your unit of deployment. You might have just one AMI or you might compose
your system out of several building block AMIs (e.g., webservers, appservers, and databases).
This section details how to build your own AMIs and how to store them in Amazon S3. In addition, it
covers booting existing images, and bundling those (after making any required changes). Re-bundling
modified versions of existing AMIs provides an easy way to build up a range of different machine
images from a pool of existing base images. Amazon EC2 provides base AMIs to get you started.
Amazon EC2
Developer Guide
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