S/390 Microprocessor
Complex (P/390)
P/390 LIC
S/390 Operating System
S/390 Applications
(Memory: 256MB)
eNetwork Personal
OS/2 Device Drivers
P/390 I/O Subsystem
(Memory: 128 MB)
I/O and Service
Processor (IOSP)
Communications Buffer
Shared Memory Windows
Figure 1. S/390IntegratedServer
Continuing the drive to provide flexibility and cost-effective computing with the latest
technology to meet your requirements, IBM has announced the System/390
Integrated Server Model B01.
The IBM S/390 Integrated Server Model B01 is a S/390 processor capable of taking
advantage of the full range of the ESA architecture.It is capable of attaching to
ESCON or Parallel S/390 devices natively through adapters or it can emulate S/390
devices including DASD, tape, communication and display controllers.
The IBM S/390 Integrated Server includes the Enhanced P/390 adapter (generally
referred to in this document as the P/390) which provides a CMOS processor and
256MB of S/390 memory which provides S/390 functionality. All supported OS/390,
VM, and VSE operating systems as well as S/390 applications run on the IBM
S/390 Integrated Server. The IBM S/390 Integrated Server makes use of an I/O
and Service Processor (IOSP) providing an environment for running device
managers and emulating S/390 I/O.
In 1999, IBM will announce and deliver a processor with 2X performance of the
processor shipped in 1998. For
those customers who are considering upgrading to
that capability in 1999, the software price will be at the then prevailing terms.
Note: All statements regarding IBM's future direction or intent are subject to
change and/or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives
Copyright IBM Corp. 1998 1
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