Many customers in this group continue to run S/370, XA, or older ESA
software. By
replacing S/370 systems with the IBM System/390 Integrated
Server, these customers can use the latest technology, including S/390 ESA
software, yet retain the same skills.The S/390 software provides complete
year 2000 support.
Substantial savings may be achieved in lower maintenance costs on both the
processor and DASD, lower energy costs, lower connectivity costs, and
environmental costs.These potential benefits are derived from the integrated
disk characteristics with their high-reliability, low-power requirements, LAN
connectivity, and CMOS technologies.
Application servers have a variety of client/server uses.Some examples are:
A distributed server with additional or legacy applications
A distributed server with a single function; that is, file serving or print
A server packaged with a solution provider's S/390 application
These application servers are ideal for a department or small business,
because they can run S/390 applications unchanged.These offerings allow
remote locations to run (some unattended), while providing remote users with
data and consistent business applications across the enterprise.Solution
providers may be able to incorporate their applications on these servers and
potentially widen their customer base by targeting markets that were previously
unobtainable. In addition, these application servers solve business needs by
bringing specific workloads into LAN environments.The results include
improved productivity, local control, and reduced telecommunication costs.
The IBM System/390 Integrated Server can participate as a server or client in
an existing local area network with access to host data.As a client, they can
seamlessly participate in any LAN environment.As a S/390 file or print server,
it can serve clients with print services or data access, depending on customer
workload. This choice provides customers with flexibility and availability while
satisfying the need to integrate business solutions with consistent applications.
New Entry Server
The possibilities created by the IBM System/390 Integrated Server are varied
and numerous.As network computing grows, these servers will find new uses,
for example, as a webserver or router.With the low-cost single platform for a
dual environment, the IBM System/390 Integrated Server is able to enter
markets that were previously limited by price and function.
The possibilities for your business are bounded only by your creativity!
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