The IBM S/390 Integrated Server is a made up of two key processing components.
An Enhanced S/390 Microprocessor complex (P/390) provides the S/390 ESA
instruction set and runs the VM/ESA, VSE/ESA, and OS/390 operating systems
unmodified. Most S/390 applications run unmodified on the IBM S/390 Integrated
Server. The second component is an I/O and Service Processor (IOSP) utilizing a
high-performance Pentium II processor.This IOSP provides an execution
environment for the programs which provide the S/390 I/O emulation.(Throughout
most of this publication, the Enhanced S/390 Microprocessor is referred to as
simply the P/390).
Here are some of the highlights of the IBM S/390 Integrated Server:
Enhanced S/390 Microprocessor (P/390)
Enhanced S/390 Microprocessor with 256MB ECC standard S/390 memory
Can use IOSP memory to emulate S/390 expanded storage.
I/O and Service Processor (IOSP) with an on board high performance Intel
Pentium II processor –L1 cache is 32KB and L2 cache is 512KB, memory of
Internal Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) RAID-5 DASD controller
Sixteen hot-swap DASD bays
Expansion slots: Sixteen 32 bit Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) I/O
slots and three Industry Standard (ISA) slots
AGP On-Board Video with 2MB memory
Integrated 10/100Mbps PCI Ethernet controller
Two high-speed serial ports and one parallel port
IBM PS/2 mouse
1.44MB diskette drive
4mm DDS/3 digital audio tape (DAT).
Flexible disk configuration
N+1 Power Redundancy
Each IBM S/390 Integrated Server requires:
IBM OS/2 Warp Server
IBM eNetwork Personal Communications for OS/2
Note: The above two need not be ordered separately as they are
pre-configured with the P/390 support.
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