The following list of questions can help you determine whether the IBM S/390 Integrated Server is
right for your business.You will need to refer to other sections of this document to complete
some of your answers.At the end of the worksheet, you will know
If it is right for you
If it is not right for you or
If you need to contact your authorized Business Partner for further analysis
1. Specify the amount of disk storage (GB) you need for your planned environment.Assume the use of
18GB disk drives.
a. Up to 255GB ( See “DASD/Disk Storage” on page23.)
2. Specify the total number of lines per minute required for printing.
a. Fewer
than 3000
b. Between 3000 and 25000 (See “Data Movement” on on page22.)
c. Between 25000 and 50000 (See “Data Movement” on on page22.)
d. Greater than 50000
3. MVS: How many MVS/TSO application development users are supported?
a. Fewer
than 50
b. Between 50 and 90(See “MVS and OS/390 Performance” on page29.)
c. More than 90
4. VM: How many VM application development users are supported?
a. Fewer
than 250
b. Between 250 and 350(See “VM/CMS Performance” on page32.)
c. More than 350
5. If you are running an interactive, database workload what is the expected average disk I/O rate (I/O
operations per second)?
a. Fewer
than 100
b. Between 100 and 150 (See “VSE/CICS Performance” on page34.)
c. Between 150 and 400 (see “Disk I/O Performance and Caching” on page24.)
d. More than 400
6. How many communication lines do you require?
a. 16 or fewer (VM and VSE),4 or fewer (MVS)
b. More than 16 (VM or VSE), more than 4 (MVS) (See “Communication Controllers” on page26.)
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