Recommendations and Guidelines
This section recommends ways to configure the IBM S/390 Integrated Server and
provides guidelines in accessing the capabilities of the system:
S/390 Parallel Channel adapter
S/390 Serial Channel adapter (ESCON)
System memory size
Host mainframe data access
S/390 functions supported
Migration to ESA
A maximum of 255 devices can be defined on the IBM S/390 Integrated Server
system. This includes both emulated and channel attached devices.For
devices, a maximum of 15 active channel programs are supported.For
attached devices, a maximum of 16 active channel programs per S/390 Parallel
Channel adapter or S/390 Serial Channel adapter card at one time is supported.
Up to four S/390 Channel Adapter cards are supported with the IBM S/390
Integrated Server Model B01 of which a maximum of two can be ESCON.
S/390 Parallel Channel Adapter
The S/390 Parallel Channel adapter provides channel-attach capability of most
channel-attached (bus and tag) tape drives, printers, display controllers, and
communication controllers to the IBM S/390 Integrated Server.The IBM S/390
Integrated Server supports a maximum of four Parallel adapters in any
Some typical attachments are:
Line and page printers, such as the IBM 4248 and the IBM 3800 Model 1
Tape drives such as the IBM 3420, 3480, and 3490
Communication controllers, such as the IBM 3720 and 3745
SNA display controllers such as the 3174
Restrictions when using a S/390 Parallel Channel adapter
Only specific IBM devices have been tested.Because of timing
considerations, non-IBM implementations of these devices may not
DASD attachment is only supported on ESCON Serial Channel adapters.
3274, 5088, 3725, and 6098 controllers are not supported
A maximum of four adapters is supported.
best performance, connect a maximum of four control units to an
Chapter 7.Planning Guide21

A dedicated S/390 Parallel Channel adapter is required.It cannot be
shared with any other OS/2 applications.
A maximum of 16 active channel programs per card is supported.
Multi-path is not supported (two channels to the same device controller).
Minimizing the number of channel control words (CCWs) required to move data
is key to maximizing performance for a channel-attached device.The larger
the amount of data per CCW, the better the performance.
Printing in page mode is equivalent to using a larger block size on tapes.The
number of CCWs per page is less, and the number of data bytes per CCW is
greater, so in general, the system can print faster on page printers in page
mode than on printers in line mode.
Number of devices supported
The IBM S/390 Integrated Server supports up to four S/390 Parallel Channel
adapter cards.One S/390 Parallel Channel adapter can support 1-255
devices. However, there cannot be more than 16 active channel programs at
the same time per card.
Note: The IBM S/390 Integrated Server has a system limit of 255 total devices
both emulated and channel attached.
Byte mode or block mode
One S/390 Parallel Channel adapter can support both S/370 and S/390 printers
and tape drives.Unlike S/390 channels, you can intermix modes and speeds
(byte, block or data streaming at DCI, 3 or 4.5 mb/s) for different devices
attached to same S/390 Parallel Channel adapter simultaneously.
If the expected data movement or number of I/O operations exceeds the
preceding guidelines, consider using PC devices rather than S/390 channel
attached devices.Here are two examples:
Use a PC laser printer connected to a parallel printer port or to a LAN to
reduce the workload on a channel attached impact line printer.
Replace coax-attached terminals (on a 3174) with workstations on a LAN,
or replace the channel-attached 3174 with a Token Ring attached 3174.
S/390 ESCON Channel Adapter
The S/390 ESCON Channel Adapter provides channel-attach capability of all
ESCON Channel attached devices to the IBM S/390 Integrated Server.The
IBM S/390 Integrated Server supports a maximum of two Serial Channel
adapters in any combination.
The primary purpose for attaching ESCON devices to the S/390 Integrated
Server is for connectivity. The performance of integrated I/O devices will
probably be better, in most cases, than ESCON-attached devices.Because of
the PCI bus structure in the IOSP, S/390 Integrated Server ESCON
performance will not match that of traditional mainframe ESCON channels.
Some typical attachments are:
22 S/390 Integrated Server
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