Recommendations and Guidelines
This section recommends ways to configure the IBM S/390 Integrated Server and
provides guidelines in accessing the capabilities of the system:
S/390 Parallel Channel adapter
S/390 Serial Channel adapter (ESCON)
System memory size
Host mainframe data access
S/390 functions supported
Migration to ESA
A maximum of 255 devices can be defined on the IBM S/390 Integrated Server
system. This includes both emulated and channel attached devices.For
devices, a maximum of 15 active channel programs are supported.For
attached devices, a maximum of 16 active channel programs per S/390 Parallel
Channel adapter or S/390 Serial Channel adapter card at one time is supported.
Up to four S/390 Channel Adapter cards are supported with the IBM S/390
Integrated Server Model B01 of which a maximum of two can be ESCON.
S/390 Parallel Channel Adapter
The S/390 Parallel Channel adapter provides channel-attach capability of most
channel-attached (bus and tag) tape drives, printers, display controllers, and
communication controllers to the IBM S/390 Integrated Server.The IBM S/390
Integrated Server supports a maximum of four Parallel adapters in any
Some typical attachments are:
Line and page printers, such as the IBM 4248 and the IBM 3800 Model 1
Tape drives such as the IBM 3420, 3480, and 3490
Communication controllers, such as the IBM 3720 and 3745
SNA display controllers such as the 3174
Restrictions when using a S/390 Parallel Channel adapter
Only specific IBM devices have been tested.Because of timing
considerations, non-IBM implementations of these devices may not
DASD attachment is only supported on ESCON Serial Channel adapters.
3274, 5088, 3725, and 6098 controllers are not supported
A maximum of four adapters is supported.
best performance, connect a maximum of four control units to an
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