The only reason to natively attach a 3174 control unit via a S/390 Parallel Channel
adapter, S/390 ESCON adapter or LAN attached 3174-63R is to be able to utilize
existing coax terminals and printers.The easier method is to use the IBM S/390
Integrated Server's 3172 emulation through VTAM or TCP/IP to any LAN–attached
The IBM S/390 Integrated Server provides the standard S/390 architecture
described in the ESA/390 Principles of Operations, SA22-7201.In addition, the
following facilities are supported: Compression, Data Spaces, Expanded Storage,
Expanded Sorting, Move Page (Facility 2), Access-List-Controlled Protection,
Address-Limit Checking, Broadcasted Purging,
Cancel I/O, Subspace Group,
Compare Until Substring Equal, Incorrect-Length-Indication Suppression,
Interpretive Execution, Move Inverse, MVS Assists (Add Functional Recovery
Routine, SVC Assist, Obtain Local Lock, Release Local Lock, Obtain CMS Lock,
Release CMS Lock), Program-Event Recording 2, PER Extensions, Private Space,
Set Address Space Control Fast, Square Root, Storage-Protection Override, String
Instructions, Suppression on Protection, SIE I/O Assist, Called-space identification
facility, Branch-and-set-Authority Facility, Immediate-and-relative-instruction facility,
Perform-Locked-Operation Facility, Checksum facility and
Compare-and-move-extended facility.
Unsupported S/390 functions are: PR/SM, Parallel Sysplex, Coupling Links,
Integrated Coupling Migration Facility, Sysplex, Sysplex Timer (ETR), Concurrent
PR/SM Maintenance, Dynamic
Reconfiguration Management, Vector Facility,
Expanded VF Instructions, Asynchronous Pageout Facility, ICRF, Asynchronous
Data Mover Facility.
Migration to ESA
When migrating to ESA, you can run your current software levels (license
agreement allows up to 1 year with the purchase of a new license) until the
production systems and applications are up and running.If this software is
unsupported, you will be running at your own risk.
It is important to note that VTAM Version 3.4.1 or higher is required to support a
3172 direct–attach or the emulation support on the IBM S/390 Integrated Server.
VTAM 3.4.1 is the first version to support 3172s.
Chapter 7.Planning Guide27
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