Systems File No. 8370-40 Order No. GC20-1806-9 I BM Virtual Machine Facility/370: Operator's Guide Release 6 PLC 17
This publication is intended for those responsible for
the operation and administration of a VM/370 system. It includes descriptions of all those commands that
affect the I/O resources and operating.characteristics
of VM/370, the associated virtual machines, and the real hardware configuration. Also included is information
on spooling, resource allocation, system startup and
shutdown procedures, and VM/370 service programs. COREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS IBM Virtual Machine Faciiity /370: System Messages, Order No. GC20-1808 OL TSEP and Error Recording Guide, Order No. GC20-1809 OS/VS Environmental Recording Editing and Printing (EREP) Program, Order No. GC28-0772 --..- -
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