Add (c) A 5A RX R1,D2(X2,B2)
Add Decimal (c,d) AP FA 55 DUL l,Bl),D2(L2,B2)
Add Halfword (c) AH 4A RX R l,D2(X2,B2)
Add Logical (c) ALR lE RR Rl,R2 Add Logical (c) AL 5E RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
AND (c) NR 14 RR Rl,R2 ANDlc) N 54 RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
AND (c) NI 94 51 01 (Bl ),12 AND (c) NC 04 55 D1(L,B1),D2(B2)
Branch and Link BALR 05 RR Rl,R2
Branch and link BAL 45 RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
Branch and Store (e) BA5R 00 RR Rl,R2
Branch and Store (e) BAS 40 RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
Branch on Condition BCR 07 RR Ml,R2
Branch on Condition BC 47 RX Ml,D2(X2,B2)
Branch on Count BCTR 06 RR Rl,R2
Branch on Count BCT 46 RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
Branch on Index High BXH 86 RS Rl.R3,D2(B2)
Branch on Index Low or Equal BXlE 87 R5 Rl,R3,D2(B2)
Compare (c) CR 19 RR Rl,R2
Compare (c) C 59 RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
Compare Decimal (c,d) CP F9 SS DHL l,BH.D2(L2,B2) Compare Halfword (c) CH 49 RX Rl,D2IX2,B2) Compare logical (c) ClR 15 RR Rl,R2
Compare Logical (c) CL 55 RX R1,D21X2,B2) Compare Logical Ic) CLC 05 55 D1Cl,BlI,D2IB2) Compare Logical Ic) CLI 95 51 D1(B1),12 Convert to Binary CVB 4F RX R1,D2IX2,B2) Convert to Decimal CVD 4E RX Rl,D2(X2,B2)
Diagnose (p) 83 51 Divide DR 10 RR R1,R2
Divide 0 50 RX R l,D21X2,B2) Divide Decimal Id) DP FD 55 DHL1,B1).D2IL2,B2) Edit (c,d) EO DE 55 D1Il,BlI,D2(B2) Edit and Mark (c,d) EOMK OF 55 01(l,B1),D2IB2) Exclusive OR Ic) XR 17 RR R1,R2
Exclusive OR (c) X 57 RX R1,D21X2,B2) Exclusive OR (c) XI 97 51 D1(B1),12 Exclusive OR Ic) XC 07 55 DHl,B1),D2(B2)
Execute EX 44 RX R1,021X2,B2) Halt 1/0 (c,p) HIO 9E 51 D1(B1) Insert Character IC 43 RX R1,D2(X2,B2)
Insert Storage Key (a,p) 15K 09 RR R1,R2
Load lR 18 RR R1,R2
Load l 58 RX R1,D2(X2,B2)
load Address LA 41 RX Rl,D2{X2,B2)
load and Test Ic) LTR 12 RR R1,R2
Load Complement (c) lCR 13 RR R1,R2
Load Halfword LH 48 RX R1,D2(X2,B2)
load Multiple LM 98 R5 Rl,R3,D2(B2)
Load Multiple Control (e,p) lMC B8 RS Rl,R3,02(B2) Load Negative (c) LNR 11 RR R1,R2
Load Positive (c) LPR 10 RR Rl,R2
Load PSW (n,p) LPSW 82 51 O1(B1)
load Real Address (c,e,p) lRA B1 RX R1,02(X2,B2) Move MVI 92 51 D1(B1),12 Move MVC 02 55 D1( L,B 1) ,D2(B2)
Move Numerics MVN 01 55 DHL,B1),D2(B2)
Move with Offset MVO Fl 55 OHll,B1),D2(l2,B2) Move Zones MVZ 03 55 DHL,B1),D2(B2) Multiply MR lC RR Rl.R2
Multiply M 5C RX In .D2(X2,B2) Multiply Decimal (d) MP FC 55 01(ll.BlI ,D2(L2,B2) Multiply Halfword MH 4C RX R1,02(X2.B2) OR (c) OR 16 RR Rl.R2 OR (c) 0 56 RX Rl,D2(X2,B2) OR (c) 01 96 51 01(B",12
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