CONDITION CODES 0 Condition Code Setting 0 1 2 3
Mask Bit Value 8 4 2 1
General Instructions Add, Add Halfword zero <zero >zero overflow
Add Logical zero, not zero, zero, not zero,
no carry no carry carry carry
AND zero not zero
Compare, Compare Halfword equal 1st op low 1st op high
Compare and Swap/Double equal not equal
Compare Logical equal 1st op low 1st op high
Exclusive OR zero not zero I nsert Characters under Mask all zero 1st bit one 1st bit zero
Load and Test zero <zero >zero
Load Complement zero <zero >zero overflow
Load Negative zero <zero
Load Positive zero >zero overflow
Move Long count equal count low count high overlap OR zero not zero Shift Left Double/Single zero <zero >zero overflow Shift Right Double/Single zero <zero >zero Store Clock set not set error not oper Subtract, Subtract Halfword zero <zero >zero overflow
Subtract Logical not zero, zero, not zero,
no carry carry carry
Test and Set zero one
Test under Mask zero mixed ones
Translate and Test zero incomplete complete
Decimal Instructions
Add Decimal zero <zero >zero overflow
Compare Decimal equal 1st op low 1st op high
Edit, Edit and Mark zero <zero >zero Shift and Round Decimal zero <zero >zero overflow
Subtract Decimal zero <zero >zero overflow Zero and Add zero <zero >zero overflow
Floating-Point Instructions
Add Normalized zero <zero >zero
Add Unnormalized zero <zero >zero
Compare equal 1st op low 1st op high
Load and Test zero <zero >zero
Load Complement zero <zero >zero
Load Negative zero <zero
Load Positive zero >zero
Subtract Normalized zero <zero >zero
Subtract Unnormalized zero <zero >zero Input/Output Instructions
Clear I/O no oper in CSW stored chan busy not oper
Halt Device interruption CSW stored channel not oper
pending working
Halt I/O interruption CSW stored burst op not oper
pending stopped Start I/O, SIOF successful CSW stored busy not oper Store Channel I D ID stored CSW stored busy not oper
Test Channel available interruption burst mode not oper
Test I/O available CSW stored busy not oper
System Control Instructions
Load Real Address translation ST entry PT entry length
available invalid invalid violation
Reset Reference Bit R=O,C=O R=O, C=1 R=1, C=O R=1,C=1 Set Clock set secure not oper
Data definition DC Define constant DS Define stllrage CCW Define channel command word
Program START Start assembly
sectioning CSECT Identify control section
and linking DSECT Identify dummy section
DXD* Define external dummy section
CXD* Cumulative length of external dummy section COM Identify blank common control section
ENTRY Identify entry-point symbol
EXTRN Identify external symbol
WXTRN Identify weak external symbol
Base register USING Use base address register
assignment DROP Drop base address register
Control of listings TITLE Identify assembly output
EJECT Start new page SPACE Space listing PRINT Print optional data
Program Control ICTL Input format control ISEQ Input sequence checking
PUNCH Punch a card REPRO Reproduce following card ORG Set location counter
EQU Equate symbol OPSYN* Equate operation code PUSH * Save current PRINT or USING status POP * Restore PRINT or USING status LTORG Begin literal pool CNOP Conditional no operation COpy Copy predefined source coding
END End assembly
Macro definition MACRO Macro definition header MNOTE Request for error message MEXIT Macro definition exit
MEND Macro definition trailer
Conditional ACTR Conditional assembly loop counter
assembly AGO Unconditional branch AIF Conditional branch ANOP Assembly no operation
GBLA Define global SETA symbol
GBLB Define global SETB symbol
GBLC Define global SETC symbol
LCLA Define local SETA symbol
LCLB Define local SETB symbol
LCLC Define local SETC symbol SETA Set arithmetic variable symbol SETB Set binary variable symbol SETC Set character variable symbol
- byte characters
X -byte hexadecimal digits
B -byte binary digits
F 4 word fixed-point binary
2 halfword fixed-point binary
E 4 word short floatin!}-point D
8 doubleword long floating-point
L 16 doubleword extended floating-point
P -byte packed decimal Z - byte zoned decimal
A 4 word value of address
Y 2 halfword value of address S 2 halfword address in baslHlisplacement form
V 4 word externally defined address value
Q* 4 word symbol naming a DXD or DSECT tSource: GC33-4010; for OS/VS, VM/370, and DOS/VS. ·OS/VS and VM/370 only. TRUNCA- TIDNI PADDING right
1/0 COMMAND CODES Standard Command Code Assignments (CCW bits 0-7) xxxx 0000 Invalid tttt ttOl Write
Read Control tttt 0100 Sense tttt ttl0 xxxx 1000 Transfer in Channel tttt ttll tttt 1100 Read Backward 0000 0011 Control No Operation x-Bit ignored_ t Modifier bit for specific type of I/O device CONSOLE PRINTERS Write, No Carrier Return
Write, Auto Carrier Return
Read Inquiry 01 Sense 09 Audible Alarm OA 04 OB
3504,3505 CARD READERS/3525 CARD PUNCH Source: GA21-9124
Command Binary Hex Bit Meanings Sense 0000 0100 04 Stacker Feed, Select Stacker SS10 FOll 00 -,-
Read Only* 1100 F010 01/10 2
Diagnostic Read (invalid for 3504) 1101 0010 02 E Format Mode
Read, Feed, Select Stacker* SSDO F010 0 Unformatted
Write RCE Format* 0001 0001 11
1 Formatted
3504, 3505 only
0 Data Mode
Write OMR Format t 0011 0001 31 0 l-EBCDIC 3525 only 1 2-Card image
Write, Feed, Select Stacker SSOO 0001 L Line Position
Print Line* LLLL L101 5=bit binary value
*Special feature on 3525. tSpecial feature. PRINTERS: 3211/3811 (GA24-3543), 3203/IPA, 1403*/2821 (GA24-3312)
After Write Immed
Write without spacing 01 Space 1 Line 09 OB Sense 04 Space 2 Lines 11 13 Load UCSB without folding FB Space 3 Lines 19 1B Foldt 43 Skip to Channel ot 83 Unfoldt 23 Skip to Channel 1 89 8B Load UCSB and Fold (exc. 3211) F3 Skip to Channel 2 91 93 UCS Gate Load (14030nly) EB Skip to Channel 3 99 9B Load FCB (exc. 1403) 63 Skip to Channel 4 Al A3 Block Data Check 73 Skip to Channel 5 A9 AB Allow Data Check 7B Skip to Channel 6 Bl B3 Read PLBt 02 Skip to Channel 7 B9 BB Read UCSBt OA Skip to Channel 8 C1 C3 Read FCBt 12 Skip to Channel 9 C9 CB Diag. Check Read (exc. 3203) 06 Skip to Channel 10 01 03 Diagnostic Write t 05 Skip to Channel 11 09 DB Raise Covert 6B Ski to Channel 12 El E3 Diagnostic Gate t 07 Adv. to End of Sheet (3203 only) 5B Diagnostic Read (1403 only) 02 * UCS special feature; I PA diagnostics are model-dependent. t32l! only_ 3420/3803,3410/3411 MAGNETIC TAPE (* * Indicates 3420 only)
See GA32-0020 -0021 -0022 for special features and functions of specific models
Density Parity DC Trans Cmd Write 01 { f" off
Read Forward 02 odd off { off 33
Read Backward OC 200 on 3B Sense 04 even off { 23 CJ Sense Reserve* * F4 2B
Sense Release** 04 t: { {"" off
Request Track-in-Error lB ... odcl off { off 73
Loop Write-to-Read* * 8B Q;-< 556 on 7B Set Diagnose** 4B en even off { off
63 CIl Rewind 07 "0 6B 0 { {"" Rewind Unload OF 93
Erase Gap 17
odd off { off B3
Write Tape Mark 1F 800 on BB
Backspace Block 27
even off { off
Backspace File 2F on AB
Forward Space Block 37
Forward Space File 3F Mode Set 2 (9-track), 800 bpi CB Data Security Erase ** 97 Mode Set 2 (9-track), 1600 bpi C3 Diagnostic Mode Set ** OB Mode Set 2 (9-track), 6250 bpi * * 03 DIRECT ACCESS STORAGE DEVICES 3330-3340-3350 SERIES (GA26-1592, -1617, -1619, -1620, -1638); 2305/2835 (GA26-1589); 2314, 2319 (GA26-3599, -1606) ® See systems reference manuals for restrictions. Command MTOff MT On* Count Control Orient (c) 2B Nonzero
Recalibrate 13 Nonzero Seek 07 6 Seek Cylinder OB 6 Seek Head 1B 6 Space Count OF 3 (a); nonzero (d) Set File Mask lF 1 Set Sector (a,t) 23 1
Restore (executes as a no-op) 17 Nonzero
Vary Sensing (c) 27 1
Diagnostic Load (a) 53 1
Diagnostic Write (a) 73 512 Search Home Address Equal 39 B9 4 Identifier Equal 31 Bl 5 Identifier High 51 01 5 Identifier Equal or High 71 Fl 5
Key Equal 29 A9 KL
Key High 49 C9 KL
Key Equal or High 69 E9 KL
Key and Data Equal (d) 20 AD , Key and Data High (d) 40 CD Number
Key and Data Eq. or Hi (d) 60 ED of bytes Continue Search Equal (d) 25 A5 > (including Scan Search High (d) 45 C5 mask bytes) Search High or Equal (d) 65 E5
in search Set Compare (d) 35 B5
argument Set Compare (d) 75 F5
No Compare (d) 55 05 J Read Home Address 1A 9A 5 Count 12 92 8
Record 0 16 96
Data 06 86
of bytes
Key and Data OE 8E
to be Count, Key and Data lE 9E
transferred IPL 02 Multiple Count, Key, Data (b) 5E > Max. track len.
Sector (a,f) 22 1 Sense Sense I/O 04 24 (a); 6 (d)
Sense I/O Type (b) E4 7
Read, Reset Buffered Log (b) A4 24
Read Buffered Log (c) 24 128
Device Release (e) 94 24 (a); 6 (d)
Device Reserve (e) B4 24 (a); 6 (d)
Read Diagnostic Status 1 (a) 44 16 or 512
Write Home Address 19 5,7, or 11
Record 0 15 8+KL+OL of RO Erase 11 8+KL+OL Count, Key and Data 10 8+KL+DL Special Count, Key and Data 01 8+KL+OL
Data 05 DL
Key and Data 00 KL+DL
* Code same as MT Off except as listed. d. 2314,2319 only. a_ Except 2314,2319. e. String switch or 2<hannel switch b_ 3330-3340-3350 series only. required. c_ 2305/2835 only. f. Special feature required on 3340. Printed in U.S.A .
International Business Machines Corporation
Data Processing Division
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