Installed User
Program , ' I' ,I Display Editing System for eMS Users Guide
Program Number: 5796-PJP
This guide contains usage and reference information for
Display Editing System for CMS, a full-screen editing system
that operates under the Conversational Monitor System (CMS)
component of IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370 (VM/370).
The Display Editing System Installed User Program is a full­ screen editing system for the Virtual Machine Facility/370
Conversational Monitor System (VM/370 CMS) designed to
utilize the features of both local and remote terminals. In
addition to a comprehensive array of cursor ami command oriented data manipulation functions, the IUP has direct
usability in a wide range of user applications. Display ter­ minals supported are the IBM 3277 Model 2 and the IBM
3278 Model 2, including both the TEXT PROCESSING and
APL keyboards.
The Display Editing System accommodates CMS files of all
types, including program source material, documentation,
and data. It permits users to change portions of the display
without program intervention. By placing the cursor on the
position(s) requiring change, the user may re-enter the correct
character(s). The Display Editing System checks for modi­ fications made to the display image and makes permanent
copies of the changes to the file.
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