: ;;'eChnical Newsletter
This Newsletter No. SN25-0497 Date August 1, 1979
Base Publication No. SY20-0884-3 Fiie No. S370-36 (ViVii370 Release 6 PLe 4)
Prerequisite Newsletters! None I BM Virtual Machine Facility/370:
Data Areas and Control Block Logic
© Copyright IBM Corp. 1976, 1977, 1979
This Technical Newsletter contains replacement pages and Block l£cric to support Release 6 PIC Machine Facility/370.
for !!!L11Q Dais 4 of IS" Virtual
Before inserting any of the attached pages into the VML11Q Data Areas font£Ql Block read the instructions on thIS-cover: They indicate when and how you should insert pages. Pages to
be Removed TItle;-Edition Notice
Contents v-viii
Summary of Amendments ix-xii 19-20 25-26
33-34 69-70 73-76
117-118 139-140 209-212 217-218
Attached Pages to be Inserted* Tit!;, Edition Notice
Contents v-viii Summary of Amendments ix-xii 19-20.2 25-26
117-118 139-140 209-212 217-218
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Changes or additions to the text and illustrations are indicated by a
vertical line to the left of the change. Summary of Amendments
This Technical Newsletter incorporates changes reflecting the 4331
Communications Adapter Synchronous Data Link Control, CP Dump Services
for Virtual Machine, CMS hooks for VM/Interactive Problem Control System Extension Program Product, Channel-Set Switching, Multiple Service
Record Files, 3031 Attached Processor Extended Control Program, and 3880 DASD controller support.
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