Aug. 1, 1979
Appendix A. CP and RSCS Equate Symbols This Appendix contains Assembler language equate symbols used to reference and RSCS data for: VM/370 Device Classes, Types r Models, and Features VM/370 Machine Usage VM/370 Extended Control Registers VM/370 CP Usage VM/370 Registers
Appendix A. CP and RSCS Equate Symbols 275
Page of SY20-0884-3 As Updated Aug. 1, 1979 by TNL SN25-0491 Field
CLASTERM EQU TYP2700 TYP2955 TYPTELE2 TYPTTY TYPIBM1 TYP2741 TYP1050 TYPUNDEF TYPBSC TYPSDLC TYP3210 TYP3215 TYP2150 TYP1052 EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU FTRDIAL EQU CLASGBAF EQU TYP2250 EQU TYP2260 EQU TYP2265 EQU TYP3066 EQU TYP1053 EQU TYP3277 EQU TYP3278 EQU TYP3284 EQU TYP3286 EQU TYP3281 EQU TYP3288 EQU TYP3138 EQU TYP3148 EQU TYP3158 EQU FTROPRDR EQU CLA SUR 1 EQU TYPRDR TYP2501 TYP2540R TYP3505 TYP1442R TYP2520R TYPTIMER TYPTR TYP2495 TYP2671 TYP1017 CLASUBO TYPPUN TYP2540P TYP3525 TYP1442P TYP2520P TYPPRT TYP1403 TYP3211 TYP3203 TYP1443 EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU EQU X'80' X'40' TYP2100 X;20; X'20' X'10' X' 18' X'14' X' 1C' X'80' X'OS' X'OO' TYP3210 TYP3210 TYP3210 X'01' X' 40' . X'80' X'40' X'20' X' 10' X'08' X'04' X'01' X'02' TYP3284 TYP3284 TYP3284 TYP3277 TYP3277 TYP3277 X'80' X'20' X'80' X'81' X'82' X'84' X'88' X'90' X'40' X'20' X' 21 X'22' X'24' X' 10' X'80' X'82' X'84' X'88' X'90' X'40' X'41' X'42' X'43' X'44' Field Description, Contents, Meaning
Terminal device class 2100 bisyncronous line
2955 communications line
Telegraph terminal control type II
Teletype terminal
IBM terminal control type I
2741 communications terminal 1050 communications terminal
Terminal device type is undefined
Bisyncronous line for 3270 remote stations
Synchronous data link control 3210 console
3215 console 2150 console 1052 console
Dial feature
Graphics device class 2250 display unit 2260 display station
2265 display station 3066 console 1053 printer
3271 display station
3278 Model 2A system console
3284 printer
3286 printer
3281 printer
3288 printer
3138 system console
3148 system console
3158 system console
operator identification card reader Unit record input device class
Card reader device 2501 card reader 2540 card reader 3505 card reader
1442 card reader/punch 2520 card reader/punch
Tim er dev ice
Tape reader device
2495 magnetic tape cartridge
2671 paper tape reader 1011 paper tape reader
reader Unit record output device class
Card punch device 2540 card punch
3525 card punch
1442 card punch 2520 card punch
Printer type device 1403 printer
3211 printer 3203 printer. (3211 and 1403) 1443 printer
276 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
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