Page of SY20-0884-3 As Updated Aug. 1, 1979 by SN25-0497 Summary of Amendments
for SY20-0884-3 VM/370 Release 6 PLC 1 3800-1 PRINTER SUPPORT Documentation and Program Support VM/370 now offers support for the 3800-1 unit as a dedicated virtual machine
printer. The 3800-1 is also supported
as a VM/370 spooling device. 3850-2 VIRTUAL MACHINE MSS SUPPORT Program and Documentation VM/370 now supports the 3850-2 MSS to
permit most operating systems that are
running in the virtual machine
environment access to data on MSS virtual volumes. PASSWORD-ON-THE-COMMAND-LINE SUPPRESSION New: Program Feature VM/370 now supports the suppression of
the entering of passwords on the command
line for LOGON, AUTOLOG, and LINK. The
intent is to force passwords to be typed
upon a mask. The new support is
specified via the SYSJRL macro in DMKSYS. It is optional and must be
implemented at system generation time.
Privilege class A users can use the JOURNAL operand of either the SET or QUERY commands. MULTIPLE ALTERNATE CONSOLE SUPPORT Program and Documentation VM/370 supports the specification of
multiple alternate consoles at system
generation time. MONITOR ENHANCEMENTS SUPPORT Program and Documentation VM/370 supports the enhancement to the
Monitor module which permits the analyst
the option to specify periodic closing
of the active Monitor spool file
frequently enough to support real time
data reduction and display. SECURITY JOURNALING SUPPORT Program Feature VM/370 now supports the journaling of LOGONs and AUTOLOGs specifying invalid
passwords and the journaling of all
linkages. This is accomplished via the
generation of type 04, 05, and 06 accounting records. The new support is
specified in the SYSJRL macro in DMKSYS. 4331 AND 4341 PROCESSOR SUPPORT Program and Documentation VM/370 supports 4331 and 4341 processors
offering compatibility with the new
model IDs as well as the S/370 HAS funciton subset. MISCELLANEOUS Documentation and Program
The following features and enhancements
are now supported by VM/370. 3203-5 Unit Special Messages facility Trace Table size as
generation option Modification
of Shared 3031 Alternate Processor
a 12 and 16 Megabyte Processors Directory hooks
system Segment x IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Blocks Logic
Page of SY20-0884-3 VARY PROCESSOR SUPPORTED BY VM/370 New: Documentation and Program Support When a system has been generated for
attached processor operations, use of a command
transition to or from uniprocessor mode
on the main processor. This command can
be used to vary a specified processor
offline or online without any serious
disruption to system users.
As Updated ..... - flU'::!. 1, 1979 by S
t:::_ nIl 0'7 .Ll,..J v .... J I Summary of Amendments
for SY20-0884-2 as updated by SN25-046i VM/370 Release 5 PLC 12 Summary of Amendments xi
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