Systems File No. S370-37 Orde.r No. SY20-0888-0 IBM Virtual Machine· Facility/370: System Logic and Problem Determination
Guide Volume 3
Remote Spooling Communication System (RSCS) Release 5 PLC 1
This publication is intended for the IBM system
hardware and software support personnel. It
provides the following information for the RSCS component of VM/370: Description of program logic Module descriptions and cross-references PREREQIDSITE PUBLICATIONS IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370:
Introduction, Order No. GC20-1800 Operator's Order No. GC20-1806 Terminal User's Guide, Order No. GC20-1810 Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem User's
Guide, Order No. GC20-1816 CP Command Reference for General Users, Order No. GC20-1820
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