3-46 IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Deter.ination--Voluae 3
RSCS ftodule Entry Point Directory RSCS Module Entry Point Directory ftodule Bame DftTIKE DftTISK DftTASY DftTIIS Entry Points DftTAKE DftTASK DftTASY DftTAIS AISINIT AISCYCLE .. \ CftDPROC OPENIN CloSEOUT MSG \ Function
contains the supervisor service that supplies task pro­
grams with the receiver interface to GIVE requests is­
sued by other tasks. A single CALL causes D!TAKE to
first respond to the previously supplied GIVE request
and then supply a new GIVE request to the task for its
A service routine that creates new tasks and deletes
existing tasks executed by the ftSUP dispatcher. The
entry to DftTASK is via a BAL instruction from task
programming. Any entry into DftTASK causes the calling
task's execution to be suspended through the freeze SVC function.
A supervisor service module that starts and ends
asynchronous exit requests for task programs. This
routine handles asynchronous exit requests for
asynchronous exit requests for I/O interruptions,
and ALERT exit requests.
Controls the interface of the line drivers to the Vft/370 spool file system, enqueues files for
transmission and processes commands that manipulate
spool files.
Initializes the lIS task.
Looks for work to do by examining the syncb locks
associated with the lIS task. Scans the request table for a match and branches to the
to the appropriate subroutine, depending on the request
Executes AIS commands frcm the command buffer passed
on by an ALERT exit from tftTREI. Starts spool file processing.
Ends processing for output files.
sets the ftSG request element. A CALL GIVE instruction
passes the ftSG request element to the message manager.
The code associated with other entry points in this
module format the ftSG ele.ent variable areas in various
ways and exit finally to ftSG. RSCS Directories 3-47 ,
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