Figure 17.
PUTBLOCK Deblock the
Buffer from
the BSC Line;
Write Data
to VM/370 SP.ool System. MAKEBLOC Get a Block of Data from
the VM/370 Spool System. CMDPROC Process a
Received Over the BSC Line. RECVRFY Obtain Data
Buffers from
the BSC Line.
and Verify
the BSC Control Characters.
Buffer for
the Appropriate
Supervisor Routines
Cycle Every
Three Seconds
to Check for: A Command
to Proces'S A File to
Transmit A File to Read SENDVRFY Check SSC Control Characters
After Writing
a Block of
Data to the SSC Line. LlNEIO Read Data
and Write
Data on
the BSC Line. Program Organization for the NPT Line Driver Task
3-38 IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Determination--Volume 3 t-----::7 BSC Line
RSCS Directories
The following directories are contained in this section: Rses "odule Directory Rses Module Entry Point Directory Rses "odule-to-Label Cross Reference
e RSeS Label-to- Plod ule Cross Reference
Rses Directories 3-39
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