Any information pertaining to the IBft 3284 or 3286 also pertains to the IBM 3281,
3288 and the 3289 printers, unless
otherwise noted.
The Remote SFooling Communication Subsystem (RSCS) VM/310 component provides for the
transmission of files across a
teleprocessing network controlled by a VM/310 comFuter. Using RSCS, virtual
machine users can transmit files to remote
stations. Also, users at remote stations
can transmit files to VM/310 virtual
machines and to other remote stations using RSCS. PREREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS Data Areas and Control El.Qck Loq!f, order 10:-5Y20-0884------ Guide, Order Jo. GC20-1806 Messages, Order No. GC20-1808 !irtual Order No. GC20-1821 SUPPLEMENTARY PUBLICATIC!S I .Q! .Q£eration, I Order No. GA22-6821 I .Q! I Order No. GA22-1000 I and llLl1Q Order No. GC33-4010 order No. I and VlV31.Q Order No. GC33-4021 CP Command Reference COREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS In addition, for EBEP processing
following OS/VS 'Library publications
required: Edi!!J!g Order iv IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Determination--Volume 3
the are
RSCS INTRODUCTION. .3-1 REMOTE SPOOLING COMMUNICATIONS ••••• 3-3 SUBSYSTEM: OVERVIEW The RSCS Virtual Machine Control Program (CP) •• Locations and Links. Remote Stations. and the VM/370 •••• 3-3
Network Control: RSCS and VM/370 Commands. .3-5 RSCS Commands. .3-5 VM/370 CP and CMS Commands For RSCS •• 3-6
The RSCS Control Program .3-7
The RSCS Supervisor... .3-8
Task Management. •••• 3-9 I/O Management .3-9
Interruption Handling. 3-10 Virtual Storage Management 3-10 RSCS Task Structure. ••• 3-11
Create System Tasks: DMTCRE. 3-11
Process Commands: DMTCMX •••••• 3-12
Process Messages: DMTMGI •••••• 3-i2
Terminate System Tasks and Handle
Program Checks: DMTREX ••••••• 3-12
Communicate with the VM/370 Spool File System: DMTAXS •••••••• 3-13 Manage Telecommunication Line
Allocation: DMTLAX ••••••••• 3-13
Line Driver Tasks: DMTIPT and DMTSML 3-13
The SML Line Driver Program •••••• 3-14 SML Processors ••••••••••• 3-15
The SML Line I/O Handler Routine: COMSUP ••••••••••••••• 3-16
The SML Function Selector Routine: $START ••••••••••••••• 3-16
Block and Deblock SML Teleprocessing
Buffers: $TPPUT and $TPGET. 3-17
The IPT Line Driver Program. 3-17
The IPT Line Monitor Routine: LIBEIO 3-18
The NPT Function Selector Routine: NPTGET. •• 3-18 IPT Input File processing •••••• 3-18 NPT Output processing Routines ••• 3-18 Major Data Areas. 3-18 SVECTORS: Supervisor Control Queues
and Supervisor Routine Addresses. 3-19 RSCS Supervisor Queue Elements 3-19 Storage Available to Rses Programs and Tasks. •• 3-19
TAREA: The Save Area fer an
Interrupted Task •••••••••• 3-19
LINKTABL: Link Description Data. 3-19 TAG: The RSCS File Descriptor •••• 3-20 RSCS Request Elements. 3-20 VM/370 Data Areas Referenced by RSCS 3-20 Rses Storage Requirements ••••••• 3-20 Synchronizing and Dispatching Tasks. 3-21 The WAIT/POST Routines 3-22
Synchronization Locks. 3-22
Asynchronous Interruptions and Exits 3-23 Using Asynchronously Requested Services: DMTWAT •••••••••• 3-23 Posting a Synchronous lock 3-23
tispatching in RSCS. •••••• 3-24
Task-to-Task Communicatiens. 3-24
ALERT Task-to-Task Communication 3-24 GIVE/TAKE Task-to-Task Communication 3-25
Input/Output Methods and Techniques. 3-27
Active and Pending I/O Queues. 3-28
Eandling Link Activity: LIIKTABLs and TAGs. 3-28
Transmitting VM/37B Files to an RSCS Link. ••••••••• 3-29
processing Files from Eemote Stations. 3- 30 Rses METHOD OF OPERATICN ANI PROGRAM ORGANIZATION ••••••••••••• 3-31
3-61 Module Directory ••••••• Module Entry Directory.
Module-to-Label Cross Reference
Label-to-Module Cross Reference Rses DIAGNOSTIC AIDS 3-69
Rses Message-To-Label Cress Reference. 3-11 INtEX. 3-17 Contents v
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