This publication provides the IBM system
hardware and software support personnel
with the information needed to analyze
problems that may occur on the IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370 (VM/370). This manual ccmprises three volumes: "Volume 1. VM/370 Control program (CP)," "Volume 2. Conversational Monitor System (CMS)," and "Volume 3. Remote Spooling
Communications Subsystem (RSCS)" contain
the logic description for each of the
components. Each of these volumes is
divided into four sections: Introduction, Method of Operation, Directory, and
Diagnostic Aids.
The method of operation and program organization sections contain the functions
and relationships of the program routines
in VM/370. They indicate the program operation and organiZation in a general way to serve as a guide in understanding VM/370. They are not meant to be a
detailed analysis of VM/370 programming and
cannot be used as such.
The directories contain descriptions of
all the assemble modules in CP, CMS, and RSCS. They also contain extensive
cross-references between modules and labels
within a VM/370 component. The diagnostic aids sections contain
additional information useful for
determining the cause of a problem.
The Appendix --which is in Volume 1
contains a description of VM/370 Extended
Control-program Support (ECPS). Isolate the component of VM/370 in which
the problem occurred. Use the list of restrictions in Guide to
be certain that the operation that-was being performed was valid.
Preface Use the directories and use the VM/37Q fata and Control Block 10qic to
help you to isolate the problem. Use the method of operation and program organization sections, if necessary, to
understand the operation that was being performed. DEVICE TERMINOLOGY The following terms in this publication
refer to the indicated support devices: "2305" refers to IB! 2305 Pixed Bead Storage, Models 1 and 2. "270x
refers to IB! 2701, 2702, and 2703 Transmission Control Units or the
Integrated Co.munications Adapter (ICA) en the Systea/370 Hodel 135. "3330
refers to the IE! 3330 Disk Storage, !odels 1, 2, or 11; the IE! 3333 Disk Storage and Control, Models 1
or 11; and the 3350 Direct Access Storage operating in 3330/3333 Model 1
or 3330/3333 Model 11 compatibility mode. "3340
refers to the IB! 3340 Disk Storage, Models A2, Bl, and B2, and the
3344 Direct Access Stcrage !odel B2. "3350
refers to the IBM 3350 Direct Access Storage !odels 12 and B2 in
native mode. "3704", "3105
or "3701" refers to IE!! 3704 and 3705 Communications
Controllers. The term "3705" refers to the 3705 I and
the 3705 II unless otherwise noted. "2741" refers to the 2741 and the
3767, unless otherwise specified. e "3270" refers to a series of display
devices, namely the IEM 3275, 3276,
3277, 3278 Display Stations. A specific
device type is used only when a
distinction is required between device
Information about display terminal usage
also applies to the IB!! 3138, 3148, and 3158 Display Consoles when used in display mode, unless otherwise noted.
preface iii
Any information pertaining to the IBft 3284 or 3286 also pertains to the IBM 3281,
3288 and the 3289 printers, unless
otherwise noted.
The Remote SFooling Communication Subsystem (RSCS) VM/310 component provides for the
transmission of files across a
teleprocessing network controlled by a VM/310 comFuter. Using RSCS, virtual
machine users can transmit files to remote
stations. Also, users at remote stations
can transmit files to VM/310 virtual
machines and to other remote stations using RSCS. PREREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS Data Areas and Control El.Qck Loq!f, order 10:-5Y20-0884------ Guide, Order Jo. GC20-1806 Messages, Order No. GC20-1808 !irtual Order No. GC20-1821 SUPPLEMENTARY PUBLICATIC!S I .Q! .Q£eration, I Order No. GA22-6821 I .Q! I Order No. GA22-1000 I and llLl1Q Order No. GC33-4010 order No. I and VlV31.Q Order No. GC33-4021 CP Command Reference COREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS In addition, for EBEP processing
following OS/VS 'Library publications
required: Edi!!J!g Order iv IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Determination--Volume 3
the are
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