AXS Task
VM/370 Spool File System
REX Task DMTCRE Create System
Service and
Line Driver
Process Messages: Build the Final Message Element. Transmit File Message
Process Commands: Execute DMTCMX
Commands Pass Command Elements to AXS and Line
Drivers for
Line Driver Tasks A ... DMTREX Handle all REX
Requests Handle Program A. '--- Check Interrupts ..---- Handle Console I/O Terminate System
Service and Line
Driver Tasks l/--- N "I Supervisor Routines
Figure 14. program Organization for REX System Service Tasks RSCS Method of Operation and Program Organization BSC Line BSC Line
Figure 15. AXS Task (Mooule DMTAXS) CMDPROC Reorder Files by Recording
the TAGs queued
to a Given Line
Driver Purge Files
From RSCS Change the
Associated with
an RSCS File Open and Close Input and Output Files Accept Files from VM/378 Spoel System REX Task I DMTMSG I Line Driver
Tasks AXSCYCLE ACCEPT: I DMTMGX I Files Spooled by Other Tasks I DMTREX I Order, Change
Purge Command Elements Requests to I DMTCRE I Open and Close VM/370 Spool Files. I DMTCMX I Supervisor Routines Prograa organization for the lIS Service Task
3-36 IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Deter.ination--Voluae 3 BSC Line BSC Line
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