r IRSCS IBALR to IModulel Module At
Label Comllents RSCS Module Directory
1-------------------------------------------------------------------------- DETGIV DMTiAT (cant) DMTiAT DMTWAT DMTWAT DMTWAT DMTWAT DM·TSTO DMTDSP AXSPURGE EOJ KLOGIT LOGCLOSE MSG1 RISI01 WGET1A WRLOG1 MAINDONE waits for DMTAIS to purge a Ter.inates the SMt line driver task by issuing a
terminal WAIT request. Waits for DMTAXS to open a LOG printer. Waits for DMTAXS to close a LOG printer. Waits until GIVE to DMTMGI is complete. Waits for initial SIO for the DMTSML line driver
to complete. Waits until message processing has completed. Waits for I/O logging to complete.
Resumes dispatching; a request for a page of
storage has been processed. DMTWAT DMTDSP WAITGO Resumes dispatching; processing of a WAIT request has completed. RSCS Directories 3-45
3-46 IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Deter.ination--Voluae 3
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