Determination Guide has been-split into three-valu_as. Volume 1 contains the CP component, Voluae 2 the CftS component, and Volume 3 the RSCS component.
The following material has been removed from this publication: "Introduction to Debugging" "Debugging with CftS." information can be found in Quide. and
This V ft fllQ A. Vft/370 Coding Conventions." This inforaation can
be found in !11LJ7 0 Guide. "Appendix B. DASD Record Formats."
This information can be found in Vft/31Q in the PORftAT section. "Appendix C. Vft/370 Restrictions."
This information can be found in Vtl/37,Q Rlgjlni .ng gjlg Qyid§. Su.mary of Amendments
for SY20-0888 Vft/370 Release 5 pte 1 "Appendix D. Applying PTPs." This
information can be found in !ALJIQ Rlgjl.n!.ng g1!.Q .§yst§! Guid!. The following sections have been removed frem the "CftS Diagnostic Aids" section of
this publication: ZAP Service Program. A coaplete
description of ZAP can be found in Gu!.Q!. UDR. A complete description of DDR can
be found in !lIfl70 QJ!ide. CftS Return Codes. These can be found in ftessage§. Coamands for Debugging. A complete
description of DEBUG can be found in CftS Gui.Q!. The following topics have been reaoved from "CP Diagnostic Aids": CP Commands Used to Debug the Virtual ftachine. These are contained in CP Co.mand Reference for General Users. CP -Commands--for---syste;--proqrammers. These are contained in VftL31Q ftISCELLANEOUS prograaming and Documentation ftinor technical and editorial changes
have been made in order to clarify the
text. Summary of Aaendments vii
viii IBM VM/370: System Logic and Problem Determination--Volurne 3
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