T TAG, RSeS file descriptor 3-20 task management, Rses 3-9
task structure, Rses 3-11 Rses 3-11
ALERT task-to-task communications
asynchronous interrUFts and exits
dispatching 3-21,3-24 GIVE/TAKE task-to-task communcation
posting a synch lock 3-23
synchronization locks 3-22
synchronizing 3-21
using asynchronously requested
services 3-23
wait/post routines 3-22
virtual machine
configuration 3-3
locations and links 3-5
nonprogrammable remote stations 3-5
programmable remote stations 3-5
remote stations 3-5 Virtual Machine Facility/370 (VM/370) ep and eMS commands used to control Rses
network functions 3-6
ep instructions used to control Rses
network functions 3-7
data areas, referenced by Rses 3-20 transmitting files to an Rses link 3-29
virtual storage, management, Rses 3-10 VM/370 Virtual Machine Facility/370 (VM/370)) Index 3-79
! o
Z 0' Title: IBM Virutal Machine Facility/370: System Logic and Problem Determination
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