File No. 8370-39 Order No. GC20-1819- 2 I BM Virtual Machine Facility/370: eMS User's Guide I Release 6 PlC 17
Contains general information and examples for
using the Conversational Monitor System (eMS) component of IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370
This pubiication is written for applications
programmers who want to learn how to use
eMS to create and modify data files (including VSAM data sets) and programs, and to
compile, test, and debug OS or DOS programs
under CMS. The CMS Editor and EXEC facilities are described
with usage information and examples.
Prerequisite Publications IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370: Terminal
User's Guide, Order No. GC20-1810 IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370: Introduction, Order No. GC20-1800 --..- ---- - --_ ..... - - -. - - - --- ------ ---- _.-
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