Systems File N-o. 8370-36 Order No. 8Y20-0884-3 IBM Virtual Machine
Data Areas and Control Block Logic I Release 6 PLC 1
This publication, together with the VM/370 System Logic
and Problem Determination Guide, Volumes 1, 2, and 3,
is intended for use by system programmers responsible
for updating VM/370. This publication contains
descriptions of the major data areas and control blocks
used by three of the components of VM/370, the Control Progra...TTI (CP), the Conversational Monitor System (eMS),
and the Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
To use this publication effectively and to understand
it thoroug.llly, the following publications are
IBM System/370 Principles of Operation Order No. GA22-7000 IBM OS/VS, DOS/VS, and VM/370Assembler Language, Order No. GC33-4010 --...- ---- ------- - ---
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