MN097, MN098 MN097 provides header information for a file that contains data accu.ulated by Vft/370 Monitor. This is the first record of the file.
8 10 18 20 28 30 38 40 Displacement
------------ 0 8 10 18 20 28
2C 30 34
3C 40 42 MN097CR8 MN097FSS MN097TTS MN097CPL MN097APL Field
Name MN097CPU DS IL8 MN097LEV DS CL8 MN097DAT DS CL8 MN097TIM DS CL8 MN097UID DS CL8 MN097CR8 DS 1F MN097NUC DS 1F MN097FSS DS 1F MN097DPA DS 1F MN097TTS DS 1F MN097VR DS 1F MN091CPL DS 1H MN091APL DS 1H MN091LEN EQU *-MN097 MN097CPU ftN097LEV MN097DAT MN097TIM MN097UID MN097NUC MN097DPA MN097VR Field Description, Contents, fteaning --------------------------------------
Processor serial numter and .odel number Prograa level change
Current date
Current time Userid of user who invoked !!CIUTOH Value of control register 8
Size of nucleus
Size of free storage
Size of dyna.ic paging area
Size of trace table
Size of V=R area
Logical address of main prccessor
Logical address of alternate Frccessor Length of header record MN098 contains the userid of the user who has terminated current V!!/370 !!enitor activity.
This is the last record of the file.
Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name
o MN098UID DS MN098LEN EQU MN098UID Field Description, Contents, fteaning CL8 ID of user stopping the V8/370 ftonitor *-MN098 Length of trailer record
46 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
MN099, MN10X MN099 contains information recorded when VM/370 Monitor activity is sus Fended because all
tuffers are full and are queued for output.
o I MN099TOD MN099CNT 8 I M*1 Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Naae Field Description, Contents, Meaning 0 5i099TOD DS 115 TOD clock value at suspensicn
5 MN099CNT DS XL4 M*1 Count of suspensions MN099LEN EQU *-MN099 Length of the suspension record MN10X contains information on the number of inFut or cutput console line transmissions
for a given userid.
o a A
8 MN10XADD M*1 Field Name MN10XUID DS CLa MN10XADD DS 1H MN10XLEN EQU *-MN10X l!N10YCNT DS 1x MN10YLEN EQU *-MN10X MN10YIO EQU * MN10XUID MN10YIO Field Description, Contents, l!eaning -------------------------------------- Userid Terminal line address Short record length l!*1 Eyte count for the following line
Long record, header length
Input/output line starts here Section 1. CP Data Areas and Control Blocks 47
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