Control blocks and data areas are blocks
of related information applicable to one or aore system functions. They are usually
defined by the DSECT instruction. The
blocks can reflect current status, history
information, or combinations of both,
applicable to VM/310 functions. Control
blocks and data areas provide the linkage
and information for the user, the hardware,
and the programs to vork as one entity for
the successful execution of a job, task. or
For every data area or control block, a statement is given that defines the use of
the data area or control block. This
statement is followed by a formatted block
showing the fields defined in the data area
or control block and the displacement into
the DSECT of that field.
The formatted blocks for CP and CMS control areas are 8 bytes wide, showing two fullwords per line. RSCS control blocks
are 4 bytes vide. !2te: One exception to this width rule is
the formatting for PSA, where the control
areas are given in 16-byte width. When the name of a field is too large to
f it in t 0 the, ap_oin.ter to
the definition of the field is used instead
of the name of the field. This pointer
usually takes the form A*1, A*2, etc. When there is a particularly large field (one
that uses mere than three or four lines of
the formatted block), ellipses are used in
the block to show that the displacement of
this field is larger than can be shown in
the block.
The use of slashes in a field indicates
that the field is reserved for IBM's use.
The formatted block is
listing-related information hexadecimal displacement of
the DSECT, the name of the
definition in the listing,
description of the contents
the field,.
followed by
such as the
the field into
field and its
and a brief
and meaning of
The following terms in this publication,
refer to the indicated support devices: "2305" refers to IB! 2305 Fixed Bead
Storage, Models 1 and 2. "210x" refers to IB! 2101, 2102, and 2103 Transmission Control Units or the
Integrated Communications Adapter (ICA)
on the System/310 Model 135. "2141" refers to the IBM 2141 and the
3161, unless otherwise specified. "3210" refers to a series of display
devices, namely, the IBM 3275, 3216,
3211, and 3218 Display Stations. A specific device type is used only when a
distinction is required between device
types. Information about display terminal usage
also applies to the IBM 3138, 3148, and
3158 Display Consoles when used in
display mode, unless otherwise noted.
Any information pertaining to the IEM 3284 or 3286 Printer also pertains to
the IBM 3281, 3288, and 3289 printers,
unless otherwise noted. "3330" refers to the IBM 3330 Disk
Stor age, .Mo.dels 1, 2, or 11; the IE! 3333 Disk Storage and Control, Models 1
or 11; and the 3350 Direct Access
Storage operating in 3330/3333 Model 1
or 3330/3333 Model 11 compatibility mode. "3340" refers to the IBM 3340 Disk
Storage, Models A2, B1, and B2, and the
3344 Direct Access Storage Model B2. "3350" refers to the
Access Storage Models native mode. IBI! 3350 A2 and
E2 in "310x" refers to IEM 3704 and 3105 Communications Controllers.
The term "3105" refers to the 3105 I and
the 3705 II unless otherwise noted.
iv IBM VM/310 Data Areas and Control Blocks Logic
OF AMENDBENTS •• 1.% SECTION 1. CP DATA AREAS and CONTROL BLOCKS. •• .1 ACCTELOK: User Accounting Block. .2 ACBTELOK: Accounting Card Buffer Block •• 2 ALOCBLOK: DASD Cylinder Allocation Block .4 ESCBLOK: Binary Synchronous Communication Control Block ••••••••• _ •••• 6 BUFFER ••••••••• _ ••••• ____ .8 CCHREC: Channel Check Handler Record. _ .9 CCFARM: Communications Controller
Parameter List •••••• •••••• 11 CHIBLOK and CHYBLOK: Virtual Channel-to-Channel Adapter Control Elocks •• _ ••••••• _ ••• _ ••• 12 CKPBLOK: Telecommunications Checkpoint Block '. '. _ •••• _ 14 CONTASK: Console I/O Package •••••• 15 CORTABLE: Storage Allocation _ 17 CPEIELOK: CP Execute Block ........ 18 DDRREC: Reconfiguration Macro •••••• 19 D!PINREC: Dump File Information Record 20 DMPKYREC: Dump File Key Storage Record 21 D!PTEREC: Dump File Symbol Table Record. 21 ECBLOK: Extension to VMBLOK for Virtual !achine with Relocate _ _ 22 ERRELOK: Error Block Used to Build OBR/MDR _. .. .. .. .. 24 IOBLOK: I/O Task Control Block ••••• 25 IOERBLOK: IIO Error Information Block. - 27 IRMBLOK: Intensive Error Recording Mode Elock. •• 31 JPSCELOK: Journaling and Password Suppression Control Block 32 LOCKELOK: Userid Lock Control Block. 33 MCH!RE!: Machine Check Save Area •••• 34 !CRECORD: Machine Check Handler Record 37 MDRREC: Miscellaneous Data Recording Record. _ .. .. 38 MICBLOK: Virtual Machine Pointer List
for VM/370 Hardware Assist ........ 39 MIHREC: Missing Interrrupt Handler Error
Record. 40 MNHDR: VM/370 Monitor Record Header ••• 41 MNOOO: VM/370 Monitor Perform Class Record. ......... 42 MN001: VM/370 Monitor Perform Class Record. 45 MI097: VM/370 Monitor Header Records •• 46 MN098: VM/370 Monitor Trailer Record '. 46 MN099: VM/370 Monitor Suspension Record. 47 M110I: VM/370 Monitor Response Class Records _ _ _ _ 47 MN20I: VM/370 Monitor Schedule Class Records 48 M1400: VM/370 Monitor User Class Record. 49 MN500: VM/370 Monitor Instruction Simulation Class Record 50 MN600: VM/370 Monitor DASTAP I/O Count Records .. .. 51
Contents MN602: Vft/370 ftonitor DlST!P Utilization Record ••••••••••••••••• 52 M1700: VM/370 Monitor Seeks Class Record 53 MN802: VM/370 Monitor System Profile Class •• 54 MNDEVLST: VM/370 Monitor Class 6 (DASTA P) Device List. 55 MCNCOM: VM/370 Monitor Communications Area ••••••• _. .56 MSSCOM: MSS Communications Control Block 59 NCPTBL: Named 3701 Control Program Table 60 NICBLOK: Network Interface Control Block 61 IPBTBL: Named 3800 Image Library Table. 63 OBBRECN: Unit Check Error Record (long Outboard Record). ••••• 64 OBBREC: Unit Check Error Record (Short C u tb oa rd Rec 0 rd). .. 66 OWIDLIST: CP-Owned Volumes List ••••• 67
PAGTABLE : Translation Page Table 67 PGBLOK: Pseudo Page Fault Stack Block •• 68 PSA: Prefix Storage Area (Low Storage Lcca tions). 69 PWDIBLOK: Password Invalid Block 78
REAL I/O CONTROL BLOCKS. 79 Beal Channel Control Blocks. 79 Beal Control Unit Blocks 79 Beal Device Control Blocks 79 Input/Output Blocks. _ .. 79
Network I nterface Control Block '. 80 RCHBLOK: Real Channel Block. 81 RCUBLOK: Beal Control Unit Block 82 RCWTASK: Translated Virtual I/O CCWoo 84 RDEVBLOK: Real Device Block ••••••• 85 RECBLOK: DASD Page (Slot) Allocation
Block _ _ 89 RECPAG: Error Recording Page Record. 90 RSFLCTL: Beal Spooling Control 91 RSPIELOK: tteai Device Extens10n EloCK •• 91 SAVEAREA .• 92 SAVTABLE: First Page on Saved system DASD ............... oo. 93 SDRBLOK: Statistical Data Recording
Block .. 94 SEGTABLE: Translation Segment Table ••• 95 SFBLOK: SFool File Block 96 SHCBLOK: Spool Hold Queue Block ••••• 98 SHETABLE: Named-Shared Segment Systems Table 99 SFLINK: SFool Page Buffer Linkage Block.1eO SWPTABLE: Swap Table for Virtual Machine Paging ••••••••••••• 101 SYSLOCS: System Low Storage Information Block. •• •• 102 SYSTBL: Named System Table. .103 TNSREC: "T" Type Record Format
(Environmental Recording) .104 TREIT: Virtual Machine Tracing
Extension to VMBLOK .. .105 TECBLOK: TOD Clock Comparator Request •• 107 UDBFBLCK: User Directory Buffer Block •• 108 UDEVBLOK: User Device Block. .109 UDIRBLOK: User Directory Block ••••• 110 Contents v
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