SDRBLOK Contains counters to record temporary errors on a given I/O device. Hexadecimal o
8 10 18
------------ 0 4 5
9 C 16 S*5 Field Nalle SDRRDEV SDRFLAGS SDRRDEV DS DS SDRCUA 1F 1X Bits defined in SDRFLAGS SDRSHRT-EQU- --X'80'-- SDRRECD EQU X'40' SDRMAX SDRPRMCT SDRFLCT S P K SDRLNGTH SDRCUA SDRBSIZE SDRCTRS EQU DS DS DS DS DS EQU DS X'20' 1X 1X 1X 1X 3X (*-SDRBLOK) 10X S*1 5*2 S*3 S*4 SDBCTBS SDRCTRS1 Field Description, Contents, Meaning Address of associated RD!VELCK S*1 SDRELOK flags Short OBRRECB to be written
Long OERRICB to be recorded cn counter
overflow Maximum nu.ters of SDR counters handled S*2 Parameter list counter S*3 Full tyte counter S*4 Statistical update work tyte S*5 Lenciflitby·t"es) of-SDR counters primary CUA of device being used SDRELOK tase size, in tytes SDR error counters SDRSIZE EQU (*-SDRELOK+7)/8 Size in doutlewords (X'03') SDRCTRS1 DS 10X SDRSIZE1 EQU (*-SDRELCK)/8 Additional SDR error counters for devices
that use .ore than 10 SDR ccunters. Size in doutlevords (X'04') 94 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
SEGTAELE SEGTABLE is used in conjunctien with the page table (PAGTAELE) and swap table (SWPTAELE) by the page management routines. The VMSEG field of the VMELOK points to SEGTAELE. o Hexadecimal Displacement ------------ 0 0 S*l I SEGPAGE Field
Bits defined in SEGPAGE.3 SEGIUY--EQU --X'01'-- SEGMIG EQU X'10' SEGENQ EQU X'40' Field Description, contents, !eaning Pointer to page tatle (PAGTAEtE) S*l Page table length (Total pages -1) (in left
half of byte) Segment invalid Segment migrated if pointer is equal to 0 Segment is enqueued if pointer is equal to 0 Section 1. CP Data Areas and Centrol Blocks 95
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