Suamary of Aaendments for SY20-0884-2 as updated by SN25-0461 VM/370 Release 5 PLC 12 VARY PROCESSOR SUPPORTED BY VM/370 Documentation and Program Support When a system been generated for
attached processor operations, use of a
new command, VARY PROCESSOR ONLINE/OFFLINE, facilitates the
transition to or from uniprocessor mode on the main processor. This command can
be used to vary a specified processor
offline or online without any serious
disruption to systea users.
x IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Blocks Logic
ALTERNATE TRACK FOR 3340/3344 NOW SUPPORTED BY VM/370 Mew: Documentation and Program Support New code has been added for VM/370 support of 3340;3344 alternate track These changes affected the
following modules: IOBLOK IOERBLOK summary of Amendments
for SY20-0884-2 as updated by SN25-0453 VM/370 Release 5 PLC 6 Summary of Amendments xi
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