SPLIIK SPLIIK resides in auxiliary storage and contains one Fage (4096 bytes) of unit record
sFeol inforaation consisting of data and all required eCis. The RSPVPAGE field and the RSPRPAGE field in RSPLCTL point to SPLIIK. o
8 10 FDO FD8 FEO FF8
Bexadeci.al tisplacellent ------------ 0 4
Field Name SPNXTPAG SPPREPAG SPRftISC SPRECIUM SPSIZE SPCHAR SPRSVDl SPFCB SPCMOD SPRSVD2 SPFLSHC SPFLAGl SPNXTPAG SPPRIPAG SPR!HSC SPRECIU!! Spool Buffer Data Area (4032 bytes) 1 SPCHAR SPRSVD1 SPFCBS SPC!OD SPRSVD2 I S*1 I I SPRSVD3 Field Description, Contents, Beaning -------------------------------------- DS IF tASt location (DCHR) of next Fage buffer DS IF DASt location (DCHR) of previcus page buffer DS IF Use varies according to caller DS IF lu.her of data records in buffer EQU (*-SPLINK) Size in bytes (Xll01) ORG SPLIRK+4096-48 End of first DASD tuffer DS CL4 3800 character arrangement table for file DS CL12 Reserved for IBM use DS CL4 3800 function centrol tleck fer file DS CL4 380e copy module for file DS CL12 Reserved for IBM use DS lX S*l 3800 flash count DS lX S*2 3800 flag byte l!it§ in SPFLAGl --X'80'- SPCOPYFG EQU SPRSVD3 DS SPFILID DS SPTI!!E DS SPERDSIZ EQU 2X 1H CL6 *-SPCHAR If flag is set, aultiple cCFies can be done
in one transmission Reserved for IBft use
File identifier used for vErificatien SFETI!!E -- used for verification
End-ef-buffer size in tytes IFirst DASD buffer only. All others comprise 40ee bytes. 100 IB!! V!!/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
SiPTIELE SWPTIBLE is used in conjunction with the page table (PIGTIBLE) and the segment table (SEGTABLE) by the CP page management routines for relating the virtual storage to tlSD slots and real storage. The PAGSWP field of the PAGTABIE points to SWETIELE. o
------------ 0 4
F SiPV!! S*2 S*3 S*4 Field
Name SiPV!! SWPFLIG2 DS DS 1F 1X Bit§ SWPFLAG2 SiPAPP EQU X'80-" - ORG SWPFLAG2 SiPPIG D5 1F SiPFLAG DS 1X in SWPFLAG SiPTRINS BQU --X'80'-- SWPREC!!P EQU X'40' SWPILLOC EQU X'20' SiPSHR EQU X'10' 5iPREF1 EQU X'08' SiPCHG1 EQU X'04' SiPREF2 ll'''" X'02' .u'¥u SiPCHG2 EQU X'01' SiPVPAGE DS 1X SWPKEY1 DS 1X SWPKEY2 DS 1X SiPCYL DS 1H SiPDPAGE DS 1X SiPCODE DS 1X 5*1 S*2 S*3 S*4 S*5 S*6 S*7 SWPFAG SWPCYL S*5 S*6 Field Description, contents, eeaning Pointer to V!!BLCK Swap table FLIG2 bits
Attached processor's shared Fage table and
swap tatle Pointer to Fage tatle Swap table flag bits Page in transit Page permanently assigned Page enqueued for allocaticn Page shared
First half-page referenced
First half-page changed Second half-page referenced Second half-page changed Virtual page number within the segment Virtual storage key, first 2048 bytes Virtual storage key, second 2048 bytes DASt cylinder address DAsr page number on cylinder RDEVELOK device code (The device code is used as an index into
the list of Cp-owned paging volumes pOinted to ty D!!KSYSOW) !ote: For each SWPTABLE there is only one doutleword that consists of SiPV!! and SWPFIG followed by 16 entries (one for each PIGTAELE entry) that consist of S*1, S*2, S*3, S*4, SiPCYL, S*5, and S*6. Thus, the total size of the SWPTIBLE is 17 doublewcrds. Section 1. CP Data Areas and Contrel Blocks 101
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