MN602 I Header Keccrd MN602HDR provides the number of sa.ples for intervals of device packagese o MN602SAM Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name o 8N602SAM DS I Utilizaticn Record
Field Description, Contents, Meaning 1H Number of samples for interval MN602 provides, via CP MONITOR co.mand, utilization data for DlSD and tape devices.
There is one record for each device.
r--------------------------------------------------------, 0 MN602ADD MN602CHB MN6C2CUE 8N602DVB I 8 MN602CHQ MR602CUQ 8*1 Field
risplacement Name Field Description, Contents, Meaning ------------ 0 MN602ADD DS 1H Address of the device
2 MN602CHB DS 1H Number of times channel is busy
4 MN602CUB DS 1H Number of times control unit is busy 6 MN602DVB DS 1H Number of times device is busy 8 MN602CHQ DS 1H Input/output tasks queued en channel
A MN602CUQ DS 1H Input/output tasks queued cn the control unit
C 8N602DVQ DS 1C 8*1 Input/output tasks queued cn device MN602DLN EQU *-MN602DEV Length of device portion in dcublevords
52 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
MN100 MN700 provides, via CP MONITOR, the I/O tasks and cylinder seek activity cf a specified DASD. o MN700UID 8 MB700ADD MN700CYL MN7CCCCY M*l 10 M*3 I M*4 n ......... _;I!,...".;.".!!!II1 Field
tisplacement Halle Field DescriptioD# Contents s Meaning ------------ -------------------------------------- 0 MB700UID DS cta Userid a MN700ADD DS 1H Device address
A MN700CYt DS 1H Cylinder l:eing sought
C MN700CCY DS 1H Current cylinder
E MN700QDV DS 11 8*1 I/O tasks queued on the device
F MN700QCU DS 11 8*2 I/O tasks queued on the contrcl unit 10 MN700QCH DS 1X 8*3 I/O tasks queued on the channel
11 8N700DIR DS 1X 8*4 Seek direction: OO=lower, 01=bigber 8B700tEB EQU *-MN100 Length of class 7 code o record
section 1. CP Data Areas and Ccntrel Blocks 53
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