PAGTABLE, PGBLOK Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name 8 PAGCORE DS PAGBMP EQU 1H
Field Description, Contents, Meaning Real page address (start of page table fer
hardware) PAGTJELE entry invalid page has teen referenced for Seg!ents (PAGCORE-PAGSTMP.16*L'PAGCCBE) length of a full 16 entry page table (PAGiSWP+(SiPFLAG-SWPVM)+16* (SWPCOtE-SWPFLAG.1).8) length of
a contiguous page and swap table PGBLOK is used by VM/VS Handshaking_ The tlock is created and stacked when a multiprogramming or multitasking VS1 program interropt occurs when a referenced page is
net available in storage. The VMPGPNT field in the VMELOK points to PGELCK. o PGPNT PGADDR Hexadecimal Field Displacement Name Field Description, Contents, Meaning ------------ 0 PGPNT DS 1F Pointer to next page tlock cn the stack
4 PGADDR DS 1F Virtual page fault address PGESIZE EQU (*-PGELOK+7)/8 PGELCK size in doutlewords (X'01') 68 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Elock Logic
PSA PSA is the primary control block for controlling CP and virtual machine activity. This
centrol blcck centains the normal low core 1PL, logout, and PSi infermation; the
processor medel and type and features of the prccessor; and save areas used by EALR and FREE. This bleck also contains monitor and trace data and the necessary linkages to
virtual machines, real devices, and spool files.
Note: All fields reside in real PSA unless otherwise specified. Fields residing in atsolute PSI are specifically identified. For uniprocessor operation, real PSA equals absolute PSA (or 0). If the system was running in AF mode when a catastroFhic errcr
occurred, the Attached Processor will no longer be running. System recovery is in
uniprocessor mode and the real PSA will no longer be zero. Page 0, Machine Usage r , O! IPLP Si IPLCCi 1 I 1-----------------------------------1 101 IPLCCi2 EIOPSi I I 1 201 SVCOPSi PROPSW I I I 301 MCOPSi IOOPSi I I I 401 CSi CAW IQUANTUMR 1------------------- 501 TIMER IQUANTUM EINPSW 1------------------------------------ 601 SVCNPSW PRNPSW 1-------------------------- 701 MCNPSi IONPSi 1-------------------------- 801 CPULOG 1------------------------------- 1001 FIDLOG i------------------------- 1601 FPRLOG 1-------------------------------- 1801 GPRLOG 1------------------------------------ 1COI CRLOG 1----------------------------- 2001 TEMPSAVE 1----------------------------------- 2401 BALRSAVE 1----------------------------- 2801 FREESAVE 1------------------------------------ 2COI FREEWORK 1----------------------------- 2FOI DATE TODATE 1-------------------------------- 3001 STARTIME CPUID 3101 lDLEilIT PAGEiAlT 3201 IONTilIT PROBTII1E 1------------------------------- 3301 RUNPSi IRUNUSER IDSPLPSi 1------------------------------- 340lRUNCRO IRUNCR1 ICPSTAT ICPRESTRT 1--------------------------------- 350lPGREAD IPGiRITE PGiAITIM t I I 3601////PGiAlTPG///////IPSASVCCT IP*1 IP*21 I 31CICPlD ICPABEND IF*3 IP*4 I ASISV!! I 38CIARSPPR IARSPPU IARSFRD IARICPU I 39C AR10PR IAR10RD IF*5 If*6 IARSPAC 3AC AVMREAL IASYSABND IASYSLC I ASYSOP 3fC ARlOC'I IAR10CH IARICCU IARICDV 3CC ARIOCC IARIOUC IARleDC I ACORETEL 3DC APAGCF ICPCREGO ICFCREG6 ICPCREG8 3EC TlMEDISP IASVCLIST I AV!!1LIST ILASTUSER 3FCIPAGECUR I MONNEIT IFAGENt IPAGENIT I 4CCITRACEFLG ITTSEGCNT 1//////1///////////
i 1/////11111111111/1 1/////////I///I///PSARSV15///////////// 1-------------------------------
, 430lINSTiRD1 IINSTiRD2 IINSTiRD3 IINSTiRD41 I I 44C I Constants Feol I I I 4tC I APTRLK INOADD II4CFFS IIRIGBT241 I I 4ECIIPAGNUM IIRIGHT16 IAFREE IAFRET I 1 1 4FCIAQCNi'I IADSPCH IAFTRAN II2048ENti I I 50ct DUMPSAVE I 1------------------------------------ 5401 SlGSAVE 1------------------------------------ 58CI LCKSAVE Section 1. CP Data Areas and Centrel Blocks 69
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