SAVTAELE SAVTABLE is used in the initial program loading of saved virtual machine na.ed systems.
It is created by the na.e system generation process (SIVESYS macro/SlVES1S co.mand).
A8 Field
Displacement Nalle ------------ 0 SliPSi 8 SAVGREGS 48 SAVFPRES 68 SAVCREGS A8 SAVKEYS DS iD DS 16F DS 4D DS 16F DS 1H SAVPSW SAVGREGS SAVFPRES SAVCREGS SAVKEYS Field Description, Contents, PSi virtual machine at SiiESYS ti.e
General registers
Floating-point registers
Control registers Two-tyte entry for each saved page
containing storage keys fer each page Section 1. CP Data Areas and Centrel Blocks 93
SDRBLOK Contains counters to record temporary errors on a given I/O device. Hexadecimal o
8 10 18
------------ 0 4 5
9 C 16 S*5 Field Nalle SDRRDEV SDRFLAGS SDRRDEV DS DS SDRCUA 1F 1X Bits defined in SDRFLAGS SDRSHRT-EQU- --X'80'-- SDRRECD EQU X'40' SDRMAX SDRPRMCT SDRFLCT S P K SDRLNGTH SDRCUA SDRBSIZE SDRCTRS EQU DS DS DS DS DS EQU DS X'20' 1X 1X 1X 1X 3X (*-SDRBLOK) 10X S*1 5*2 S*3 S*4 SDBCTBS SDRCTRS1 Field Description, Contents, Meaning Address of associated RD!VELCK S*1 SDRELOK flags Short OBRRECB to be written
Long OERRICB to be recorded cn counter
overflow Maximum nu.ters of SDR counters handled S*2 Parameter list counter S*3 Full tyte counter S*4 Statistical update work tyte S*5 Lenciflitby·t"es) of-SDR counters primary CUA of device being used SDRELOK tase size, in tytes SDR error counters SDRSIZE EQU (*-SDRELOK+7)/8 Size in doutlewords (X'03') SDRCTRS1 DS 10X SDRSIZE1 EQU (*-SDRELCK)/8 Additional SDR error counters for devices
that use .ore than 10 SDR ccunters. Size in doutlevords (X'04') 94 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
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