SiPTIELE SWPTIBLE is used in conjunction with the page table (PIGTIBLE) and the segment table (SEGTABLE) by the CP page management routines for relating the virtual storage to tlSD slots and real storage. The PAGSWP field of the PAGTABIE points to SWETIELE. o
------------ 0 4
F SiPV!! S*2 S*3 S*4 Field
Name SiPV!! SWPFLIG2 DS DS 1F 1X Bit§ SWPFLAG2 SiPAPP EQU X'80-" - ORG SWPFLAG2 SiPPIG D5 1F SiPFLAG DS 1X in SWPFLAG SiPTRINS BQU --X'80'-- SWPREC!!P EQU X'40' SWPILLOC EQU X'20' SiPSHR EQU X'10' 5iPREF1 EQU X'08' SiPCHG1 EQU X'04' SiPREF2 ll'''" X'02' .u'¥u SiPCHG2 EQU X'01' SiPVPAGE DS 1X SWPKEY1 DS 1X SWPKEY2 DS 1X SiPCYL DS 1H SiPDPAGE DS 1X SiPCODE DS 1X 5*1 S*2 S*3 S*4 S*5 S*6 S*7 SWPFAG SWPCYL S*5 S*6 Field Description, contents, eeaning Pointer to V!!BLCK Swap table FLIG2 bits
Attached processor's shared Fage table and
swap tatle Pointer to Fage tatle Swap table flag bits Page in transit Page permanently assigned Page enqueued for allocaticn Page shared
First half-page referenced
First half-page changed Second half-page referenced Second half-page changed Virtual page number within the segment Virtual storage key, first 2048 bytes Virtual storage key, second 2048 bytes DASt cylinder address DAsr page number on cylinder RDEVELOK device code (The device code is used as an index into
the list of Cp-owned paging volumes pOinted to ty D!!KSYSOW) !ote: For each SWPTABLE there is only one doutleword that consists of SiPV!! and SWPFIG followed by 16 entries (one for each PIGTAELE entry) that consist of S*1, S*2, S*3, S*4, SiPCYL, S*5, and S*6. Thus, the total size of the SWPTIBLE is 17 doublewcrds. Section 1. CP Data Areas and Contrel Blocks 101
SYSLOCS SYSLOCS contains user logon and dial statistics, time/date and log message data, TOD values, and line edit values. 0 8 10 18 20 28 30 38 40 48 50 58
------------ 0 8 10 1C 20 24
2C 30 34
3C 40 4C
4D 4E 4F 50 53
58 DHKSYSDT DMKSYSTM DMKSYSLW DMKSYSLG DMKSYSNM DMKSYSMI DMKSYSMU DMKSYSND DMKSYSLB DMKSYSUD DMKSYSPL 1//////1//////////1//1/1//1// --------------------------------------------------------, DMKSYSDW I -,----------------------------1 1 s* 1 1 S*2 1 S*3 1 S*4 1 ------------------------------------------------------1 S*5 1////////1111/////////////1////1/////1 ---------------------------------------------------------1 Pield Name DMKSYSDT DC DMKSYSTM DC DMKSYSLW DC DMKSYSLG DC DMKSYSNM DC DMKSYSMI DC DMKSYSMU DC DMKSYSND DC DMKSYSLB DC DMKSYSUD DC DMKSYSPL DC
DC DMKSYSCK DC DMKSYSCK 1 Pield Description, Contents, Meaning CL8'MM/DD/YY' Date of system log message CL8'HH:MH:SS' Time of system log message X'00',X'00',CL10' , 1(0) P'O' P'O' P'O' P'O' 1(0) 1(0) 1(0) 1(0) X'OO',X'OO', Weekday of system log messages Pointer to first log message block Current numter of users on the system Maximum numter of users allowed cn the system Maximum numter of users on the system Number of dialed users on the system Pointer to user directory lock block
Pointer to start of user directory on SYSRES Pointer to a list of virtual page buffers
Reserved for IBM use
CL 1 Day of week in hexadecimal and EBCDIC X'7B' S*1 Terminal line-end symbol X'4A' S*2 Terminal line-delete symbol X'7C' S*3 Terminal character-delete symbol X'7P' S*4 Terminal escape symbol A L 1 ( 1 30, 1 2 9, 72, 8 0) XL5'O' D'O' S*5 Default line lengths for 3210 and 3215 -
2741 and 1050 - 3270 and 3066 terminals
Reserved for IBM use TOD clock value last stored by
accounting, DUMP, or machine check 102 IBM VM/370 Data Ireas and Control Block Logic
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