TBQELOK TRQBLOK manages the timing facilities of VM/370. r 0 I TRQBVAL I 8 I TRQBFPNT TRQEBPNT I 10 I TRQBTOD I 18 I TRQBUSER TRQEIBA I 20 I TRQEQUE Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name Field Description, contents, Meaning ------------ -------------------------------------- 0 TRQBVAL DS 1D TOD clock comparator value for interrupt
8 TBQBFPNT DS 1F Pointer to next TRQBLOK C TRQBBPNT DS 1F Pointer to previous TBQBLCK 10 TRQBTOD DS 1D TOD clock value when TRQBLCK is queued
18 TRQBUSER DS 1F Address of VMBLOK for user 1C TRQBIRA DS 1F Interrupt return address 20 TRQBQUE DS 1D Time left in queue; tracking virtual
processor tiller TRQBSIZE EQU (*-TRQBLOK)/8 Size in doutlewords (X'05') I Local Graphic Device Support
The following continuation of the TRQBLOK DSECT for local graphic device support is
tuilt, referenced, and released by DMKGRF.
28 I TRQBCRT Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name
28 2C 2E
1H 1X lD CRTFMT EQU X'80' CRTDIAG EQU X'40' CRTALRM EQU X'20' CRTiNG EQU X'10' CRTCARD EQU X'08' CRTTAB2 EQU X'04' CRTAPL EQU X'02' CRTSIO EQU X'01' CRTAIO EQU CRTSIO TRQBLINE DS 1X TRQEDEi T*2 Field Description, Contents, Meaning Graphic device return IRA
Graphic device device address
T*1 Graphic device flags
Screen formatted VM/370 online
Screen written with Diagnose
Screen has alarm message Screen has MORE ••• warning
Data from card reader
Second pass flag for tab function
APL read buffer allocated User issue tiagnose to input area Timer interrupt pending after I/O co.pletes
T*2 Line coordinate for input area
Section 1. CP tata Areas and Centrel Blocks 107
TBQBLOK, UDEFELOK I Bemote Graphic Device Support The following continuation of the TBQBLOK DS!CT for remote graphic device support is
built, referenced, and released by DMKRGA and DMKRGE. 28
Hexadecimal Field
tisplacement Nalle
TRQBCRT DS lF DS lH DS lH EQU X'FF' TaCEDEV TRCNA!!E Field Descriptien, Centents, Meaning GraFbic device return IRA GraFhic device line address
Rescurce identification
Timer interrupt for general FoIl urEFELOK is used as a buffer for user device block data in user directory access oFerations. o
Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Nalle
------------ 0 UDBFWORK 38 UDBFVADD 3C UDBFDASD UDBFSIZE DS DS DS UDBFVADD 7D IF IF UDBFWOBK UDEFDASD Field Descripticn, Contents, Meaning Euffer work space used by the caller Virtual address of the last directory page DASD address of the last direct cry page EQU (*-UDBFBLOK)/8 UDEFELOK size in doutlewords (X'08') 108 IEM VM/370 Data Areas and Centrol Block Legic
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