Section 2. CMS Data Areas and Control Blocks This section contains CMS data areas and control blocks.
relationships between the control blocks and data areas of CMS. Figure 2 shows the
The projection of SYSREF is a sampling of areas within NUCON. DMSNUC FREELIST MAINLIST TXTDIRL MACDIR PRECMND LASTCMND SYSNAME INSTALID SYSTEMID Figure 2. CMS Control Block Relationships
Free Storage ------- CMSCB DECB I CMSAVE I EJ NUCON (See Legend)
Section 2. CMS tata Areas and Central Blocks 137
AETAE contains one 8-byte entry for the background partition. Bytes 0-3 contain the address of the entry point of the user's abnormal terminatien routine. Eytes 4-7 centain
the address of a 72-byte save area used by the supervisor to store the interrupt status
information and the contents of the general registers. The IJBABTAE field in the SYSCCM tlock in the DOSCON CSECT of NUCON points to the ABTAE tlock.
------------ 0 4
r-----------------------------------------.----------------, ABROUT Pield Nalle ABROUT DC P'O' ABSAVE DC P'O' ABTAB EQU *-8 AESAVE I Pield Description, Contents, Meaning Address of user termination routine
Address of supervisor save area
Abend option tatle
138 IBM VMj370 Data Areas and Central Block Logic
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