ANCHSECT ANCHSECT defines the DOS/VS anchor table. This DSECT is used by DMSDCS when a CDLOAD (SVC 65) is issued, and the phase is not found in either the CMSVSAM or CMSAMS segment.
In this case, the specified phase is loaded either from a CMS DOSLIB or a tOS core image
library, and the name, load point, entry point, and the length in bytes, of the phase are
saved in an available slot in the anchor table. ANCHSECT is invoked by the ANCHTAE macro,. 0 ANCHENDA 8 ANCHCBS 10 18 ANCHLDPT 20 A*1 ANCHPHLN Hexadecimal Pield tisplacement Name
8 C 10 18 1C 20 21 ANCHENDA DC DC ANCHCBS DC lNCHOAL DC !l!fhof ANCHPHNM DC ANCHLDPT DC ANCHENTP DC ANCHSTSW DC BJ:!§ ANCHMLOD EQU ANCHINST EQU ANCHRPJL EQU ANCHLENG EQU ANCHSIZ EQU ANCHPHLN DC A (0) P'O' A (0) A (0) Entries ana --CL8'-'--- A (0) A (0) X'OO' in ANCBSTSW --X'OO'---- X'7F' X'PP' 20 1024 AL3 (0) , 11/11/1/1111/1111/1///1////11 I ANCHOAL I I ANCHPHNM I Their A*1 I ANCHENTP I Pield Description, Contents, Meaning End address of anchor table
Reserved for IBM use
Pointer to VSAM AMCB table
Pointer to VSAM OAL (OPEN ACE) table, which
is followed by one or more Anchor
Tatle entries Fermat -----
Phase name
Load point
Entry point Status switc!i Phase must te loaded
Phase is already in storage
Requested phase just loaded ty another task
(only if AP=YES) Length of one anchor table entry
Default size of anchor table (in bytes)
Length of phase in bytes Section 2. CMS Lata Areas and Control Blocks 145
EATLSECT 146 BBOX EATLSECT describes the fields in the user job limits table for CMS batch jobs. The
8 BATPUNL BATPUNC Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Nalle Field Description, Contents, Meaning ------------ -------------------------------------- a BATCPUL DC H'32767' Virtual processor limit (in seconds) ; can be
2 BATCPUC DC H'O' Current processor count; de not reset
4 BATPRTL DC H'32767' Number printed lines limit; can be reset
6 BATPRTC DC H'O' Current line count; do not reset
8 BATPUNL DC H'32767' Number punched cards limit; can be reset
A BATPUNC DC H'O' Current card count; do not reset fEOX contains the begin and
respectively. The IJBBOX field
to the BBOX block.
end addresses of the virtual and real partitions,
in the SISCOM tlock in the DOSCCN CSECT of NUCON points a 8
Displacement 0 4
C REALORP REALNDP 1 -------------------------------------------------------------1 VIRTORP Field
Name REALORP DS XL4 REALNDP DS XL4 VIRTORP DS XL4 VIRTENDP DS XL4 f£I !Q ALTSDAR EQU REALORP MINREALP EQU REALNDP MPGEPOOL EQU REALNDP+2 ORIGVIRT EQU VIRTORP FINVIRT EQU VIRTENDP VIRTENDF , Field Description, Contents, Meaning Origin of real partition End of real partition +1 Origin of virtual partition
End cf virtual partition +1
Address of alternate area
No. Fage frames in minimum real partition
No. Fage frames in main page Fool Origin of virtual storage
End cf virtual storage +1
146 IEM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Lcgic
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