CCPABl! CCPABM provides control information used for Communication Controller Network Control Program, Emulation Program and their attached resources.
loading and controlling the 370X Emulation Program, and Partitioned
8 10 18 20 28
------------ 0 8
2 10 14
1C 20 22
2A CCPNAl!E CCPADDB CCPSIZE CCPPSIZB CCFENTBY C*2 C*3 I/C*4//1 CCFSTOB CCPHBFSZ CCPHBFNO C*5 C*6 I CCPMAXID CCPBBSID Field Nalle CCPNAME DS Ct8 CCPADDB DS 1F CCPSIZB DS 1F CCPPSIZB DS 1F CCPBNTBY DS 1F CCPTYPB DS 1X Bits defined in CCPTYPE CCPTNCP-- EQU--X'O'-' - CCPTBP EQU X'02' CCPTPEP BQU X'03' CCPCAONE DS 1X CCPCATiO DS ;1 Field Description, Contents, l!eaning CPNAl!E specified in NAl!ENCf macro Origin of centrol program image Control program size in bytes Parameter list size in bytes Control program entry point address
C*1 Control program type flag Network control program 270x emulation program
Partitioned emulation program C*2 First channel adapter type flag C*3 Second channel adapter tYPE flag
Bits defined in CCPAONB and CCPATiC CCPTYPE1 BQU X'01' Channel adapter type 1 CCPTYPE2 BQU X'02' Channel adapter type 2 CCPBSV1 DS 1X C*4 Beserved for IBl! use CCPSTOR DS 1F 370x storage size specified (in bytes) CCPHBFSZ DS 1H Euffersize from HOST macre CCPHBFNO DS 1H Number of buffers in read list CCPPADO DS 1X C*5 First buffer pad count (in bytes) CCPPAD1 DS 1X C*6 Subsequent kuffer pad count HOSl !glyes BI !J!L370 for 370x CCPVPADO BQU 34 34-tyte pad in first bisynchrenous transmitter buffer CCPVPAD1 EQU 34 34-byte pad in subsequent buffers CCPIUXID DS 1H Highest resource ID defined CCPRBSID DS 1F Besource ID definition ORG CCPBBSID Definition kreakdown CCPRSTYP DS 1X Resource type flag CCPRSTAT DS 1X Resource initial status flags CCPRSTEP DS 1H Subchannel address wben in EF mode Section 1. CP Data Areas and Centrol Blocks 11
CBXBLOK,CBYBLOK CBXBLOK and CBYBLOK provide the necessary control for a virtual machine using a virtual
channel-to-channel adapter (CTCA). The VDEVBEAL field in the VDEVBLCK points to CBIELOK and CBYBLOK fer virtual CTCAs. 0 CBXOTBB CBYOTBR 8 X*l X*2 , X*3 I X*4 Y*l I Y*2 Y*3 Y*4 10 CBXNCCW CBYNCCli 18 CBIBCNT CHYRCNT 20 CBXSTAT CBXYADD CBYSTAT CBYXIDD 28 CBXIDAW CBYIDAli 30 CBXCNCT CHYCNCT 38 CHXDATN CHYDATN lote: As indicated in the illustrated block, the CBIBLOK and CHYELCK are interleaved
with a 4-byte displacement. The X-side VDEVELOK points to the +0 slot, the Y-side VDEVBLOK points to the +4 slot; however, once the virtual connection is made, either side
can be the X-side or the Y-side since this interleaved arrangement makes the contrel block references completely symmetrical. The dual DSICT definition allows the active
adapter (defined to be the I-side, arbitrarily) to reference beth adapter sides
concurrently wi-thout knowing whether i tis at +0 or +4. Bexadecimal Field tisplacement Name o
9 A CBXBLOK CBXOTBB DS CBXFLAG DS CBBl!NOP EQU CBBM370 EQU CHBATTN EQU CBBREST EQU CBBEOFL EQU CBBBIO EQU CBBWAIT EQU CBBCENT EQU CBXCMDB DS CBXCMDT DS CBBCTNL EQU CBBRDBK EQU CBBWEOF EQU CBBSCMD EQU CBBSADS EQU CBBREAD EQU CBBWRIT EQU 2F lX in CBIFLIG -X'80'- X'40' X'20' X'10' X'08' X'04' X'02' X'Ol' lX lX in CBICMDT -X'40'- X'20' X'10' X'08' X'04' X'02' X'Ol' Field Description, Contents, Meaning I-side channel adapter block Vl!ELCK address of Y-side adapter user X*l Internal processing flags
Modified NOF command issued (also in CMDT) CTCA operating in Systea/370 mede Attention pending from Y-side CTCA has been reset I-side and Y-side Force EOF to next READ instruction
Halt I/O or halt device issued CPEXELOK available--for channel reconnect Channel end has preserved en SIO X*2 Active CCW command byte buffer X*3 Active CCli command type (Rt, WB, etc.) Control, other than NOP Read backward Write EOF Sense command byte Sense adapter status
12 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
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