ftN001 ftN001 gives information on the Ferformance of the Attached Processor.
8 10 18 20 MNOOlNXR 28 I!IOO1PRD 30 ftN001SSY 38 ftN001SFR 40 ftN001SRN 48 ftN001STft 50 ftN001SDP 58 ftN001NFL 60 ftN001NSD 68 ftN001NRU Hexadeciaal Field Displaceaent Naae o
8 10 18 20 24
28 2C 30 34
38 3C 40 44
48 4C 50 54
58 5C 60 64
68 ftN001WID DS ftN001WPG DS ftN001WIO DS i!i1i001PRB DS ftN001NR DS ftN001CSV DS ftN001PRD DS ftN001PWR DS ftN001SSY DS ftN001NSY DS !!N001SFR DS ftN001NFR DS ftN001SRN DS ftN001NRN DS ftN001STft DS ftN001NTft DS ftN001SDP DS ftN001NDP DS ftN001NFL DS ftN001NFS DS !!N001NSD DS ftN001NVD DS ftN001NRU DS ftN001LEN EQU 1F
1F *-ftN001 ftN001WID ftN001WPG ftN001WIO ftN001PRB ftNOC1CSV ftNOC1PWR ftNOC1NSY ftNOC1NFR ftNCC1NRN ftNOC1NTft ftNOC1NDP ftNOC1NVD Field Description, Contents, fteaning L8 Attached processor idle wait time L8 Attached processor page wait time
L8 Attached processor I/C wait time
L8 Attached processor problem state time Number of external tc the attached
processor Number of SVCs reflected by the attached
processor Nuaber of page reads by attached Frocessor Number of page writes by the attached
Total time spin on systea lock
Total number of spins for systea lock
Total time spin on D!KFRE lock
Total number of spins for tftKFRE lock
Total time spin on RUNLIST lock
Total number of spins for RUNLIST lock
Total time spin on timer request lock
Total number of spins for timer request lock
Total time spin on displacement lock
Total number of spins for leck Number of times CPFRELK set Number of times CPFRESW set Number of times system lock request deferred Number of times VftBLCK leck deferred Number of entries
Length of record Section 1. CP Data Areas and Contrel Blocks 45
MN097, MN098 MN097 provides header information for a file that contains data accu.ulated by Vft/370 Monitor. This is the first record of the file.
8 10 18 20 28 30 38 40 Displacement
------------ 0 8 10 18 20 28
2C 30 34
3C 40 42 MN097CR8 MN097FSS MN097TTS MN097CPL MN097APL Field
Name MN097CPU DS IL8 MN097LEV DS CL8 MN097DAT DS CL8 MN097TIM DS CL8 MN097UID DS CL8 MN097CR8 DS 1F MN097NUC DS 1F MN097FSS DS 1F MN097DPA DS 1F MN097TTS DS 1F MN097VR DS 1F MN091CPL DS 1H MN091APL DS 1H MN091LEN EQU *-MN097 MN097CPU ftN097LEV MN097DAT MN097TIM MN097UID MN097NUC MN097DPA MN097VR Field Description, Contents, fteaning --------------------------------------
Processor serial numter and .odel number Prograa level change
Current date
Current time Userid of user who invoked !!CIUTOH Value of control register 8
Size of nucleus
Size of free storage
Size of dyna.ic paging area
Size of trace table
Size of V=R area
Logical address of main prccessor
Logical address of alternate Frccessor Length of header record MN098 contains the userid of the user who has terminated current V!!/370 !!enitor activity.
This is the last record of the file.
Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name
o MN098UID DS MN098LEN EQU MN098UID Field Description, Contents, fteaning CL8 ID of user stopping the V8/370 ftonitor *-MN098 Length of trailer record
46 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Block Logic
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