CiNDLIST. PAGTIELE OiNDLIST contains a list of all the system owned DAsr volumes that are used for paging, sFooling, and temporary disk storage activity. Each entry specifies the vclume identity and its preferred use (that is. space). This block is generated by the SYSOiN macro at system generation.
Bexadeciaal Field
tisplacement Naae ="'----------- 0 OiHDVSER 6 OWNDRDEV 6 OiNDPREF DS DS ORG DS OWNDVSER C16
1H OWNDRDEV 1H CWNDRDEV Field Description, Contents, fteaning Volu.e serial number Displacement of RDEVBLOK fer the volume
Allocation preference PAGTABLE is used by CP for allocating and referencing storage. It is referenced by the
segment table (SEGTABLE) data area and contains a pointer to the swaF table (SWPTABLE) in turn, is related to a DASD cylinder location. The SWPPAG field of SWFTAELE points to PAGTABLE.
-8 PIGSTMP o PAGSHR 8 PAGCORE Eexadecimal Field
Displacement Name
------------ -8 PAGSTMP DS 1F
4 PAGSWP DS 1F PIGACT PAG'lOT PAGSWP Field Description, Contents, fteaning Page table time stamp Count of active segment tahle entries
for this segment Count of total segment table entries
for this segment Pointer to NAME table (SBRTAELE) Pointer to swap tatle (SiP'lAELE) Section 1. CP Data Areas and Control Blocks 61
PAGTABLE, PGBLOK Hexadecimal Field
Displacement Name 8 PAGCORE DS PAGBMP EQU 1H
Field Description, Contents, Meaning Real page address (start of page table fer
hardware) PAGTJELE entry invalid page has teen referenced for Seg!ents (PAGCORE-PAGSTMP.16*L'PAGCCBE) length of a full 16 entry page table (PAGiSWP+(SiPFLAG-SWPVM)+16* (SWPCOtE-SWPFLAG.1).8) length of
a contiguous page and swap table PGBLOK is used by VM/VS Handshaking_ The tlock is created and stacked when a multiprogramming or multitasking VS1 program interropt occurs when a referenced page is
net available in storage. The VMPGPNT field in the VMELOK points to PGELCK. o PGPNT PGADDR Hexadecimal Field Displacement Name Field Description, Contents, Meaning ------------ 0 PGPNT DS 1F Pointer to next page tlock cn the stack
4 PGADDR DS 1F Virtual page fault address PGESIZE EQU (*-PGELOK+7)/8 PGELCK size in doutlewords (X'01') 68 IBM VM/370 Data Areas and Control Elock Logic
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