IBM 1050 -'Z_ -- --- IBM 1070 IBM 2740 or 2741 IBM System/360
Figure 2. Data Communication Units Attachable to the 2703 6 IBM 2780 IBM 1130 IBM : Channel l System/360
L __________ .1
Common Carrier
TWX Terminals
(Model 33/35 Type) I
character. Character buffering of up to four bytes is
accomplished within the 2703 unit for start/stop type
communications, while eight bytes can be buffered
for synchronous (BSC) operations. When communi­
cating with the channel, the 2703 operates in multiple­
byte multiplex mode to request or transfer a short
burst of up to four bytes each time a line requires
service. On both input and output operations with the
channel, any message buffering is performed by the
processing unit. The 2703 does not impose restric­
tions on message length. All necessary bit-byte con­
versions, data control, and matching to common­
carrier equipment is accomplished in the transmis­
sion control unit.
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