Communication SPEED DATA SET COUNTRY Facil ity NETWORK CONFIGURATION in Bits Per Second or MODEM 1200 W.E. 20201* ® Leased Voice Point-to-Point
Grade and 2000 W.E. 201A3*
U.S.A. Multi-Point
and 2400 W.E. 201BI* Canada
Modems may be attached by the
customer under the provisions of 4800 the "Multiple Supplier System Pol icy";consult your IBM Marketing Representive.
Switched 1200 W.E. 202CI* , ffi Telephone Point-to-Point W.E. 20201 A , B , ©
Network 2000 W.E. 20IA3*@, ©
World Trade** Leased Voice Paint-to-Point*** 600 or 1200 IBM 3977 Model 1 or 2 @ Grode Lines or or
in Countries Multi -point *** IBM 3976 Model 3 @ where Approved ® Point-to-Point Up to 2400 IBM 3977 Model 2 4800 Consult your IBM Marketing
Representive for Modem
i nformat i on.
United Kingdom Point-to-Point*** 600 or 1200 GPO Datel 1 GPO Leased Lines or Model 5
Germany Point-to-Point*** 600 or 1200 PH DI200S PH leased lines or (GH-201 I, Model 5)
Sweden Multi-Point 600 or 1200 PTT GH-2002B PTT leased li nes PTT GH-2oo2C
Point-to-Point*** 600 or 1200 PH GH-2002B Japan Point-to-Point 600 or 1200 NTT DTl203 NH Leased Lines
Switched Point-to-Point 600 or 1200 IBM 3976. Model 3
United Kingdom GPO Datel 1
Model 5
PTT DI200S (GH 2011 Model 5)
Sweden PH GH2002A NOTES Or equivalent
** Must be approved by PH Administrations. For use of other than named modems, consult your IBM Marketing Representive.
*** Point-to-Point configurations use 2 or 4 wire facil ities
Multi-point configurations use 4 wire facilities
®Synchronous Clock Feature required.
® If Autocall feature is installed, W.E. Automatic Calling Unit 801AI/A6 or 80lC2/C4 *
is required. 80lAI/A6 serves rotary pulse dialing; 801C2/C4 serves push button dialing. See common-carrier representive for type of dialing facilities available.
© Requires Western Electric Data Auxiliary Set 804AI *
Figure 13. Communications Facilities for BSC
The BSC-equipped 2703 implements up to ten channel
commands, depending on the optional features
installed. These commands are:
Command Code Standard (S)
Command in Hexadecimal or Optional (0) Set Mode 23 S
Enable 27 S
Dial 29 0* Write 01 S
Read 02 S
Prepare 06 S
Disable 2F S
Poll 09 S
Address IE 0** Prepare
Search OE 0** *Requires Autocall feature
**Requires Station-Selection feature
Set Mode
This command is used to condition the SF to the
operating environment required. It results in the
fetching of one byte of control information from main
storage to the control circuitry of the SF.
Set Mode
ccw 23, f'I' f2' f3 I 23 I Data Add,." I The bit positions of the byte fAtched from main
storage (its location is designated by the data­ field of the Set Mode CCW) are used as
follows: 56 Bit Position
2 thru 7
Not used.
When set to 1. If a Read com mand
is be ing executed, an Error Index
byte (EIB) is generated and sent to
main storage im mediate Iy following
the ITB, ETB, or ETX character.
Bits 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 of the EIB
are undefined. Bit 4 of the EIB wi 11
be set if a data check was detected
in the preceding block. Bit 5 of the
EIB will be set if an overrun condi­
tion was detected in the preceding hlock. When set to O. No EIB character is
sent to main storage following an
ITB, ETB, or ETX character.
Not used. PROGRAMMING NOTE: After a power-on/power-off sequence
or a system reset, the Set Mode command must be used to
re-establish the operating conditions controlled by the Set Mode command.
This command, preceded by a Set Mode command,
turns the SF on and makes it operational with the
selected data set or data station (depending on whether Enable Data Address I 31
32 3940 4748 63
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