i RC=24 DMSLST066E 'option' and 'option' ARE CONFLICTING OPTIONS RC=24 DMSLST069E DISK 'mode' NOT ACCESSED RC=36 DMSLST070E INVALID PARAMETER 'parameter' RC=24 DMSLST105S ERROR Inn' WRITING FILE 'fn ft fm' ON DISK RC=100 LISTFILE Section 2. CMS Commands 117
LISTIO LISTIO Use the LISTIO command in eMS/DOS to display a assignments for system and/or programmer logical units
machine. The format of the LISTIO command is:
list of current
in your virtual r , , SYS I , LISTIO PROG [ (options ••• [) ]] , , SYSxxx QR:tiQ!!§: I , A r , I , IEXEC , [ STAT] , , 111 ,APPENDI I , L I '- -J SYS requests a list of the physical devices assigned to all system
logical units. PROG requests a list of the physical devices assigned to programmer
logical units SYSOOO through SYS2Ql. SYSxxx requests a display of the physical device assigned to the
particular logical unit specified.
requests a list of only those logical units that have been
assigned to physical devices. UA requests a list of only those logical units that have not been
assigned to physical devices; that is, that are unassigned. 111 requests a list of the physical units assigned to all system and
programmer logical units. If no operand is specified, ALL is the
default. QQtiQ!!§: The EXEC and APPEND options are mutually exclusive; if both
are entered on the command line, the last one entered is in effect. EtEC erases the existing $LISTIO EXEC file, if one exists, and
creates a new one. APPEND adds new entries to the end of an existing $LISrIO EXEC file.
If no $LISTIO EXEC file exists, a new one is created. STAT lists the status (read-only or read/write) of all disk devices
currently assigned.
1. Logical units are assigned and unassigned with the ASSGN command.
For a list of logical units and valid device types, see the
discussion of the ASSGN command.
2. The $LISTIO EXEC contains one record for each logical unit listed. t 1 0 J i V The format is:
&1 &2 SYSxxx {device }
mode [status]
where column Tn .. .I.. on tty vnfJ'v eMS is blank. .... _____ .::1 __ ..:I '- V LU Ul a. il u. a. u u. Macro Reference
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