348 VM/370 CMS Command and Macro Reference
Appendix C. OS/VS Access Method Servicesand VSAM Functions Not Supported in eMS In CMS, an OS user is defined as a user that has not issued the command: SET DOS ON (VSAr'll OS users can use all of the access method services functions that are
supported by DOS/VS, with the following exceptions: Non-vSAM data sets with data formats that are not supported by CMS/DOS (for example, BDAM and ISAM files are not supported). The SHAREOP!IONS operand has no function in CMS. However, you should
specify SHAREOPTIONS 3 in your DEFINE control statement for more
efficient operation. When you specify SHAREOPTIONS 3, CMS does not
execute the code that attempts to reserve and release system
resources. Do not use the AUTHORIZATION (entrypoint) operand in the DEFINE and commands unless your own authorization routine exists on the DJS core image library, the private core image library, or in a CMS DOSLIB file. In addition, results are unpredictable if your
authorization routine issues an OS SVC instruction. The secondary space allocation parameter in the following DEFINE
commands is not used by access method services nor DOS/VS VSAM: DEFINE SPACE, DEFINE USERCATALOG, and DEFINE CLUSTER with the UNIQUE parameter. However, you may code this parameter to make your control
statement file compatible with an OS/VS VSAM control file. The JS access method services GRAPHICS TABLE options and the TEST option of the PARM command are not supported. The filename
in the FILE (filename) operands is limited to seven
If an eighth character is specified, it is ignored. The JS access method services CNVTCAT and CHKLIST commands are not
supported in DOS/VS access method services. In addition, alIOS access method services commands that support the 3850 Mass Storage System are not supported in DOS/VS access method services. Figure 22 is a list of as operands, by control statement, that are
not supported by the CMS interface to DOS/VS access method services.
If any of
specified, the
error message.
the unsupported AMSERV command
operands or commands in Figure 22 are
terminates and displays an appropriate When you use the PRINT, EXPORT, IMPORT, IMPORTRA, EXPORTRA, and REPRO control statements for sequential access method (SAM; data sets, you
must specify the ENVIRONMENT operand with the required DOS options (that
must have previously issued a DLBL for the SAM file. AMSERV can write SAM data sets only to a CMS disk, but can read them from DOS, as, or CMS disks.
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