OPTION 1. If you enter the OPTION command with no options, all options are
reset to their default values, that is, the default settings that
are in effect when you enter the CMS/DOS environment. CMS/DOS defaults are not necessarily the same as the defaults generated on
the DOS/VS system being used and do not include additional options
that are available with some DOS compilers.
2. The OPTION command has no effect on the DOS/VS PL/I compiler nor on
any of the OS language compilers in CMS. None. To displaY'a list of options currently in effect, use the QUERY command with the OPTION operand. DMSOPT070E INVALID PARAMETER 'parameter' RC=24 DMSOPT099E CMS/DOS ENVIRONMENT NOT ACTIVE RC=40 138 IBM VM/370 CMS Command and Macro Reference
PRINT PRINT Use the PRINT command to print a CMS file on the spooled virtual
printer. The format of the PRINT command is: r L
PRint r ,
fn ft I fm I [(options ••• [) ]] 1* , L J r , 2EtiQ!!.§: ICC I l!OCCI L J [UPCASE) r , p.INECOUN fnnl I ! t22! L r , IMEMBER { * }' I membername I [HEX] L .J
is the filename of the file to be printed ..
is the filetype of the file to be printed.
is the filemode of the file to be printed. If this field is
specified as an asterisk (*) , the standard order of search is
followed and the first file found with the given filename and
filetvpe is printed. If fm is not specified, the A-disk and its
extensions are searched.
CC UPCASE UP MEMBER MEM HEX interprets the first character of each record as a carriage
control character. If the filetype is LISTING, the CC
option is assumed. If CC is in effect, the PRINT command
does not perform page ejects nor count the number of lines
per page; these functions are controlled by the carriage
control characters in the file. The LINECOUN option has no
effect if CC is in effect.
does not interpret the first character of each record as a
carriage control character. In this case, the PRINT
command ejects a new page and prints a heading after the
number of lines specified by LINECOUN are printed. If NOCC
is specified, it is in effect even if CC was specified
previously or if the filetype is LISTING.
translates the lowercase
uppercase for printing.
letters in the file to
prints the members of macro or text libraries. This option
rnav be specified if the file is a simulated partitioned
data set (filetype MACLIB or TXTLIB). If an asterisk (*)
is entered, all individual members of that library are
printed. If a membername is specified, only that member is
prints the file in graphic hexadecimal format. If HEX is
specified, the options CC and UPCASE are ignored, even if
specified, and even if the filetype is LISTING.
Section 2. CMS Commands 139
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