EDIT Subcommands-ZONE r ? U. You can use the ZONE subcommand to protect data in particular columns r for example:
edit newfile memo NEW FILE:
1 80 zone 10 20 input the zone is now set for columns 10-20 EDI!: change /0/*/ the zone is n*w set for columns 10-20 Note that the LOCATE and CHANGE now r not the word zone
not in position 1.
subcommands operated on the word
scanning started in position lOr When you enter the ZONE subcommand without zone settings, the
editor displays the current setting.
? (QUESTION MARK) Use the? subcommand to display the last EDIT subcommand executed except
for a REUSE (=) or ? (question mark) subcommand. The format of the?
subcommand is:
r------- I ? L- After an Xr Y r subcommand that
or = subcommand r was executed as
the last
a result
EDIT subcommand
of issuing the
1 , -----' is the
I or Y When you issue the ? subcommand using a 3270 in display mode, the last
EDIT subcommand that was executed is redisplayed in the user input area.
Press the Enter key to execute it again; you may modify the line before
reentering it.
258 IBM VM/370 eMS Command and MaGro Reference
EDIT Subcommands-nnnnn
nnnnn Use the nnnnn subcommand to enter and locate lines when you are using
line-number editing. The format of the nnnnn subcommand is:
r ------------------------------.--------------------------, I{nnnnn } I nnnnnnnn
r text] I I L nnnnn indicates a line number between 0 BASIC or VSBASIC, or a line number
filetype is FREEFORT.
and 99999 if the filetype is
between 0 and 99999999 if the
text specifies a line of text to be inserted into the file at the
specified line number. If a line with that number already
exists, it is replaced. If no text line is specified, the
current line pointer is positioned at the line number specified. nnnnn subcommand
editing; that is, you
RIGHT LEFT operand.
and FREEFOR! files.
is valid only when you are using line-number
have issued the LINEMODE subcommand using the
Line-number editing is the default for VSBASIC When you issue the nnnnn subcommand with no operands, the line with the
specified line number is displayed. If the line is not found, the
editor displays the message:
LINE NOT FOUND and the current line pointer is set at the largest line number that does
not exceed nnnnn.
Section 3. EDIT Subcommands and Macros 259
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