pu nch. PUNCH command to punch a CMS disk file
The format of the PUNCH command is:
to your virtual card
, I r , I PUnch fn ft Ifml [ (options ••• [) ]] I I I I I I , I , I L- fn
ft I * I L .J
r IMEMBER {* }I I membernam. I L 1.1 _______________________-.J
is the filename of the file to be punched.
This field must be
is the filetype of the file to be punched.
This field must be
fm is the filemode of the file to be punched. If you specify it as an
asterisk (*), the standard order of search is followed and the
first file found with the specified filename and filetype is
punched. If fm is not specified, your A-disk and its extensions
are searched. NOH EADER NOH inserts a control card in front of the punched output.
This control card indicates the filename and filetype for
a subsequent READCARD command to restore the file to a
disk. The control card format is shown in Figure 18.
does not punch a header control card. MEMBER MEM {:embername}
punches members of MACLIBs or TXTLIBs. If an asterisk
(*) is entered, all individual members of that macro or
text library are punched. If member name is specified,
only that member is punched. If the filetype is MACLIB and the MEMBER membername option is specified, the header
contains MEMBER as the filetype. If the filetype is TXTLIB and the MEMBER membername option is specified, the
header card contains TEXT as the filetype. 144 IB5 iM/370 eMS Command and Macro Reference
PUNCH r I I Number of I I I I ColumniCharacterslContentsl Meaning I I I I: IIdentifies card as a control card. t , 2-5 4 IREAD IIdentifies card as a READ control card. I I' I 6-1 2, blank I 1 'I , A-15 8 Ifname ,Filename of the file punched. 1 'I 116 Iblank 1 , 17-24
36-43 144-45 I 146-50 I i '51-QO L- Figure 18.
8 ftype
2 fmode
6 volid
blank I I lFiletype of the file punched. 1 1 I IFilemode of the file punched. I t
Label of the disk from whicn the file was
8 mm/dd/yy The date that the file was last written.
2 blank
5 hh:mm 30 blank
The time of day that the file was written
to disk.
Header Card Format
1. You can punch fixed-or variable-length records with the PUNCH command, as long as no record exceeds 80 characters. Records with
less than 80 characters are right-padded with blanks. Records
longer than 80 characters are rejected.
2. If you punch a MACLIB or TXTLIB file specifying the MEMBER *
option, a read control card is placed in front of each library
member. If you punch a library without specifying the MEMBER *
option, only one read control card is placed at the front of the
3. One spool punch file is produced for each PUNCH command; for
punch compute assemble (noh
punches the file COMPUTE ASSEMBLE, without inserting a header card.
To transmit multiple CMS files as a single punch file, use the CP SPOOL command to spool the punch with the CONT option.
Section 2. CMS Commands 145
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