OPTION OPTION Use the OPTION command to change any or all of the options in effect for
the DOS/VS COBOL or the RPGII compiler in CMS/DOS. The format of the OPTION command is: r- 1 I OPTION [ options ••• ] , I , I I I I , I I , r , r , r , IDUMP I I!QQQMPI I fNODECKI ItIS£: I INOLISTI L .J L r , IXREF I I!OXREFI .J L r , I INOERRSI .J r , 148CI L .J L J L r , ILISTX I L J r , ISYM I L. 3 , , , , , 1 , , , , L- __ _ -------- ________________ . ___________________________________ -J If an invalid option is specified on the command liner an
error message is issued for that option; all other valid options are
accepted. Only those options specified are alteredr and all other
options remain unchanged. DUMP dumps the registers and the virtual partition on the virtual SYSLST device in the case of abnormal program end. suppresses the DUMP option.
punches the resulting object module on the virtual
device. If you do not issue an !SSGN command for the
unit SYSPCH before invoking the compilerr the text
written to your CMS A-disk. NODECK suppresses the DECK option. SYSPCH logical
deck is writes the output listing of the source module on the SYSLST device. NOLIST suppresses the LIST option. This option overrides the IREF
option as it does in DOS/VS. LISTX produces a procedure division map on the SYSLST device. suppresses the LISTX option. SYM prints a Data Division map on SYSLST. suppresses the SYM option. XREF writes the output symbolic cross-reference list on SYSLST. suppresses the XREF option.
writes an output listing of all errors in the source program
on SYSLST. NOERRS suppresses the ERRS option. 4QC Uses the 48-character set. Uses the 60-character set.
Section 2. CMS Commands 131
OPTION 1. If you enter the OPTION command with no options, all options are
reset to their default values, that is, the default settings that
are in effect when you enter the CMS/DOS environment. CMS/DOS defaults are not necessarily the same as the defaults generated on
the DOS/VS system being used and do not include additional options
that are available with some DOS compilers.
2. The OPTION command has no effect on the DOS/VS PL/I compiler nor on
any of the OS language compilers in CMS. None. To displaY'a list of options currently in effect, use the QUERY command with the OPTION operand. DMSOPT070E INVALID PARAMETER 'parameter' RC=24 DMSOPT099E CMS/DOS ENVIRONMENT NOT ACTIVE RC=40 138 IBM VM/370 CMS Command and Macro Reference
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